USC Reputation

<p>Hi, I am currently a Junior and USC is def. in my top 3 safeties/matches right now for my college search, and I would just like some first hand input on the social life and type of people I will find at USC. I have read some bad student reviews, but I don't really want to trust those b/c they all seemed terrible. They called everyone snobby and said there was not much to do besides party. </p>

<p>Was USC worth the money?
Also, exactly HOW good is Marshall at preparing you for the business world?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for all the input!</p>

<p>USC a safety? Have you seen the selectivity stats?</p>

<p>USC is a great school and will prepare you in many ways to be successful not in a specific field, but as a human being.</p>

<p>You heard it from a diehard Bruin, USC is a great school!</p>

<p>But their b-ball sucks. :p</p>

<p>We still beat you guys both times last year. And this year we were beating you by like 18 at one point, so if we're bad, so are you. :)</p>

<p>stlrams- basically you shouldn't take any online student reviews seriously. The people that are going to do that are ones with really passionate views, both negative and positive. A lot of ones you don't even have to go to that school to leave a review, so for all we know half of the people are UCLA or Cal students reviewing USC. </p>

<p>You will find snobby people here, but that is the same at every school. There is also a lot of partying here, but 1) that can be a good thing :), 2) it's the same at most any college, and 3) there's a lot of other great stuff to do here at USC and LA in general if partying's not for you. USC provides a great, well-rounded experience, and I think that's why a lot of people choose it.</p>

<p>I know some people aren't always a fan of Marshall, but it has a good reputation, and I know that people can get amazing jobs right out of school. My roommate graduated last semester, and was able to get a job at Deloitte, one of the Big 4 accounting firms, right after graduation. The b-school connections are great.</p>

<p>Perhaps 99% of the negative reviews are from UCLA, etc. students who haven't even attended USC.</p>

<p>WHOA. You want to come onto the USC board, talk about how it's your safety and then say we're snobby?</p>

<p>If that's the case, you'll fit right in!</p>

<p>Chicka: Who's not a fan of Marshall?</p>

We still beat you guys both times last year. And this year we were beating you by like 18 at one point, so if we're bad, so are you.


<p>Well, at least we got to go the tournament and get our asses handed to us. :p</p>

<p>lol, you've got me there, UCLAri. At least we got to stay behind and hide our awfulness. :)</p>

<p>themegastud- I've heard of people not liking the B- curve, or whatever it is. I don't know. I'm like at the complete opposite of the major spectrum, anyways, so I don't know what I'm talking about.</p>


<p>Don't worry, at least you guys are rockin' it in football...</p>

<p>and then giving a share of the bowl earnings to the rest of the PAC-10. Bwahahahaa...</p>

<p>Ohhh, Marshall students themselves. Of course then. In that regard, I'm not a fan of Marshall either. ;)</p>

<p>I thought you meant outside recruiters and or B-schools and got worried there for a second.</p>

<p>For USChicka and UCLAri, coincidentally, some USC snob (yes, I admit it) wrote a random letter to the editor in the LA Times talking about how USC didn't make it to either the Pac-10 or the NCAA tournament and still managed to obtain the same record as UCLA. Consequently, an angered Bruin alumnus countered with another letter saying something to the effect of "a Trojan criticizing Bruin basketball?! That's like a sumo wrestler criticizing the Atkins diet!"</p>

<p>Oh man, gotta love rivalries...</p>


<p>You handle the rivalry much better than TheDad who has pretty much banned himself from any UCLA/USC threads.</p>

<p>I see rivalry as a good thing to a large point. It allows both universities to compete, and through competition, improve themselves. </p>

<p>USC football is really good recently. UCLA's was better a half decade/decade ago. It just comes and goes. Either way, I have at least a couple of Trojan friends, and I'm proud of their accomplishments. To me, they are as much Bruins as I am, and I am as much of a Trojan as I am a Bruin to them.</p>

<p>It's all how you look at it.</p>

<p>In the end though, USC knows who owns this town. ;)</p>

<p>tsdad, what's funny is that Ari is actually a UCLA grad and (to my knowledge), TheDad has no affiliation with UCLA except that he shares a common and uninformed dislike. Frankly, a Bruin's praise would mean more to me any day.</p>

<p>I believe that his wife works at UCLA...</p>

<p>bias anyone? ;P</p>

X is right.</p>

<p>I said it before, but as an Easterner the USC-UCLA rivalry means nothing to us although I am the owner of a *UCLA tshirt. Now, UNC-Dook, there's something to get excited about.</p>

<p>I think the UCLA-USC rivalry is pretty fun, because UCLA and USC are two of the top three NCAA programs in the nation. </p>

<p>Go Bruins!
Fight on Trojans!
...yay Stanford trees!</p>

<p>Ahhhh, it all makes sense now.</p>

<p>Here's some advice to the jr. who started this thread - I was also optimistic about my college options as a junior, and I wish someone had said this to me last year - Your safeties are your matches, your matches are your reaches, and your reaches are a shot in the dark at best. Don't count on admission to USC, or any top tier college for that matter, unless you're a legacy or a URM. It sounds cynical, but it's the best way to not end up being disappointed and to keep all of your options open. As for USC, its reputation is great and has been climbing consistently, and no matter where you go, you will find your niche. There are snobby people everywhere, not just at USC, and USC's diversity will surprise you.</p>