USC Roski class of 2025

Didn’t see one for Roski so created a thread

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any idea when we should expect admission decisions for Roski?

I suspect week of Mar 22. Looking at previous years it was around that time

guys in your usc applicant portal does it show like the portfolio as an item received or not

It shows USC supplement received with a green check mark and a date

oh okay thanks

I think it’s going to be tomorrow…

Rejected , NC. Good luck to all

D from NC rejected as well. Hopefully you’re happy with your other options! Wish you the best.

She narrowed it down to SDSU or Fullerton.
How about you?

Congrats! Those are great options. She really is torn right now. USC was her #1. She has a full ride at Northeastern but Loyola Marymount, Univ of Georgia and Carnegie Mellon are all still hanging in the conversation. The next couple of weeks will be full of research to find the best fit.

Tough decisions! But now she can move forward which is nice. Good luck!

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Hi FlyYellow, did your child also apply to USC? Hope got better news than SLO! We did!

Wow, full ride to Northeastern is fantastic! We would take that in a heart beat! Best of luck!

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nope, son didn’t get in to USC either. he got in to a couple of good schools, but coming from a highly competitive school in CA and trying to get in to CA schools is a tough proposition. He’s waitlisted at a couple of UCs - let’s hope one of those come through. He’s staying optimistic - so I’m proud of him for keeping his chin up.

Glad your son is having a great attitude and best of luck to you guys! By summer, we will all look back at these times as a small bump on this wild ride!