USC SCA Questions

Hi, I’m a junior in high school planning to apply to USC’s School of Cinematic Arts this fall. I am trying to choose between the Cinema and Media Studies program or the Film and Television Production program, and had a few questions about the school and its programs.

  1. I've heard that the Cinema Studies is less emphasized, and sometimes even seen as just for people who didn't get into the Production program. Is this true? How much can you actually get out of the Cinema Studies program?
  2. Almost everything I've seen online says the video option is better for the visual sample, but I'd seen one interview with a SCA admissions person who said he actually prefers the photo option. Is this preference rare for admissions officers, and am I definitely better off with the video option?
  3. Are there any people who have disability accommodations who might be willing to share about their experience in SCA and how accommodating the school was/wasn't?