USC SCA transfers 2021-2022

Meanwhile My interviewer didn’t even respond to my thanks email after the interview :cry:. Thats great news tho!! And very unusual haha

Meanwhile, the UC’s require $2k commitment by June 1…

I start summer school May 27th, and I definitely want to make some changes to that schedule if I’m transferring but… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yea there’s a lot of flaws in the commitment payment dates and the date’s we find out about our admission results. Being waitlisted (which I am) is the worst because the waitlisted announcements are mid to late June. That’s just so late. Unless you’re gonna put all your eggs in one basket and wait for that one school’s response, you’re forced to pay and carry through with your admission to another school while you wait…

I mean congrats on getting waitlisted for Chapman though, I got rejected three weeks ago.

Yes of course, and thank you. I should have worded it better but I am very grateful and honored to be waitlisted for Chapman and I know a lot of student’s would happily take that spot. I’ve never been waitlisted before, so I was just surprised when I found out about how late the waitlisted decision dates were. Either way, I’m still anxiously waiting to hear back from USC as I’m sure we all are