USC SCA transfers 2021-2022

Hey everyone, I haven’t seen a thread for SCA transfers yet for this year and since it is April which means decisions are coming soon, I thought why not start one!

Has anyone heard from SCA yet?

I have not heard back yet.

Hello! DS wasn’t in this current cycle (for Fall 21), but he was an internal SCA Spring transfer from CAMS to Production this semester. Here to offer support. Good luck to everyone!

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I haven’t heard anything back. Applied for film production.

I applied for Film Production and I literally just completed my interview! It was super casual, I think it went well, but it didn’t make me feel any better or worse about what my admission decision might be.

I got rejected from Chapman just now. I’ve been rejected from Chapman, LMU, and CalArts all for film production. USC is my last chance. I saw on past threads that USC SCA didn’t release decisions until like the third week of May. Very frustrating :disappointed:

Keep your head up! I haven’t received anything from Chapman or LMU yet for film production.

I got rejected from LMU less than two weeks after I applied in February… they told me they didn’t have any spots left

Did you apply after the deadline?