USC SCA Transfers 2022-2023

Hello guys! I haven’t seen anything for SCA transfers yet! It’s almost May so decisions are coming. Has anyone heard back from SCA for an interview?

Hi! I applied for film production but have not heard anything. I’ve seen some people that have done their interviews already from the discord. But we may be hearing back within 2 weeks

Yeah, I did see that on the discord! I haven’t received anything also but I hope that doesn’t mean anything.

Hi! I applied for MA+P and had all application materials submitted by March 7. No interview request or SGR yet. I hope that isn’t a bad thing!

I dont think it is an indication for acceptance but we should be hearing back soon!

yeah! i actually found out that map majors don’t get interviews like other sca majors so i’m no longer worried

hi! is there a specific discord for sca transfers for fall 22? i also applied for sca. would you mind sharing the discord with me?

I haven’t seen a discord specifically for SCA students. There is a general USC transfer discord with a couple of SCA applicants who are active in there

Anyone got a SGR from SCA? I feel like they rarely request one

nope, but like you said, I don’t really expect one from them.

Same here I didn’t get an SGR.

hi all. I’m a TTP student applying for film. I got an SGR end of May and had an interview in April. No decision yet

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i meant end of March for my SGR, not May.

just wanted to update that i was accepted to film and tv production !