USC Scholarships!

I applied to USC for scholarships and other UC’S and I am so scared for the outcome. Anyone else?

Same! USC is my absolute dream school but I’m terrified because the college application process this year is so much more competitive due to schools being test optional. I’m trying not to get my hopes up and I’ve already convinced myself not to expect that white box in January.

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If you are a California resident, your major scholarships will come in the form of Cal Grants and a combination of university grants.
If you are a non-resident, the UC’s scholarships are minimal (~$2K) because these schools are public universities funded by the state.

USC scholarships are specific to the programs that fund them.

  • National Merit winners
  • Recruited Athletes
  • Underrepresented minorities
  • Band performers
  • Alumni
  • social justice national celebrity level students
    They will target your application to the scholarship money that fits a category.

i applied for the SCA scholarships! do you know when we’ll hear back? is it in April with the rest of the RD candidates?

Depends on the particular scholarship, but most are in the Spring.

Last year, half and full tuition scholarship finalists heard back in January. They received a physical admissions letter as well (pre-COVID).

same ! usc is my dream school and i also applied for scholarships! besides full and half tuition, are there other scholarships they give out in january ?

I think there’s also a 1/4 tuition scholarship but if you receive that scholarship, you can’t interview for more money. If we don’t get a scholarship, there’s going to be an update on our admission portal that they’re still considering us for admission. TBH, Scholarships are probably harder to acquire this year just because most schools are receiving more applications this cycle than in previous years so fingers crossed!

Recommend you check the [USC Class of 2025 Applicants Thread] the last few posts had great info about USC scholarships

for some reason the thread I was referring to didn’t post. Check this one out “USC Class of 2025 Applicants”

I heard that USC is unusually prone to rejecting National Merit Semifinalist students during the Merit Scholarship round because they would have to give them money later on anyways if accepted - is there any truth to this?

In the past according to CC, USC used to state which scholarship (full or half tuition) students were interviewing for. However, they now don’t state that.

Regardless, USC has separate pools of money for Presidential (Half-tuition) Merit Scholars (a set number that the school itself competitively awards to interviewing non-NMS, and a variable number of National Merit Presidential Scholars that is based on how many NMS enroll at USC.) You will only be accepted early in January if you are interviewing for the chance at full tuition, since you’re already guaranteed half-tuition if you follow the NMS rules.

If you’re not selected for full tuition, you’ll know in March if you’re admitted, and as long as you list USC as your first choice, you’re guaranteed half-tuition as a NM Presidential Scholar.

@jsc8920, this is always a rumor but I’ve not seen it and USC admissions has never said this. The reality is that there are a lot of NMFs applying to USC, USC cannot accept them all, some may not be very interested in USC, and just because you are a NMF does not mean you will get into your chosen program at USC. Those are all more likely reasons for a rejection than USC worrying about scholarships.

random q, when usc announces scholarships and stuff, do you get an email saying your portal has been updated or do you just check and see if it’s there ?

You’ll get an email notification.

is that for everyone to just check or for those who have been given a scholarship ?

“First-year applicants will hear one of two things from us by mid-February: Either they will be admitted and invited to continue in our scholarship process, or they will be notified that they have not been selected for a scholarship. No one will be denied admission in February.
Students who are not invited to interview will receive an admission decision by April 1. Check out our blog for answers to other frequently asked questions.”

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thank you for this !!

Last year, My D got notification for scholarship interview in late Jan.

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Everyone will: those selected for a scholarship interview are admitted to USC as well and will receive a status update in their applicant portal; those not selected for an interview will receive an email saying they weren’t selected.

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