USC School of Public Policy and Development

<p>Anyone apply there? I feel like the 60 some odd pages of the USC fall 08 transfer contain no applicants to this school, which is fine by me hah. Just wondering if anyone has any info. about transfer gpas for SPPD or other information. </p>

<p>I'm a CCC transfer with a 3.4, good essay, and two recs from an Alum (my aunt) and a guest professor for a couple weeks there (uncle).</p>

<p>I applied as a second choice. About the same stats</p>

<p>My 'd' has been accepted to the SPPD as a freshman. From some other posts, the great thing about USC is if you want to do a dbl major or a minor you can always take classes through the colleges on campus.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if SPPD is picky about their admits? I put this as a second choice but I am growing to want this as a first choice, over Marshall.</p>

<p>No idea I tried really hard to get some info from people at SPPD but they wouldn't budge. My first choice is Marshall and 2nd is SPPD too.</p>

<p>Yeah they don't really have much information anywhere regarding admissions to SPPD as far as stats go. A friend of mine that goes to USC told me her roommate is in SPPD as a freshmen right now and said her work load and classes are a bit on the easier side. They have about 300 undergrads, which isn't very large. I'm confused because the small amount of undergrads could either mean it's highly selective or that there just isn't much interest. Anyone know how big of a help the recs are?</p>

<p>OK well if you look at the freshmen stats it says less than 1 percent applied there. But, like you said the small class size can mean they are highly selective. I have called them several times and they just say their avg GPA is 3.7. I really like this school and hope I get in. I may get into UCLA, but I really rather go to USC. I have talked with several ppl at UCLA and a lot of them prefer USC. </p>

<p>Does anyone know can I tell UCLA I accept their offer to attend their school, then wait for USC and cancel on UCLA and accept USC offer? Or once i commit to a school there is no way around getting out once you paid?</p>

<p>I believe you can, you just lose your commitment deposit...but I would look at the enrollment contract to be sure. My 'd' was accepted to SPPD and it was her first choice. She is looking at doing a minor in Economics at Marshals if she attends. She is up for the trustee scholarship, NMF, etc. What we were told when we went to the scholarship weekend was SPPD is basically a graduate school accepting 300 undergrads. The undergrads she met who were in SPPD loved it, because of the smaller classes, etc. They had turned down colleges such as UC Berkely, UCLA, etc. to attend.</p>

<p>Yes tons of people love it that is why I want to go. Do you know what the average career path after the undergrad program is finished. I want to be a Real Estate Developer. Do they usually just start up a firm, go to a firm, free lance? Internship????? </p>

<p>And any word of difficulty in getting in the program?</p>

<p>There are actually a couple of youtube videos interviewing some of the SPPD students, not a ton of info but it gives a good general feel. Just type in USC SPPD in youtube. </p>

<p>The more I hear about it, the more I think it is difficult to get in. My friend at USC said a lot of people that are interested in going to Law school are in the SPPD.</p>

<p>Yup I want to go to Law School. I hear Marshall is bad if you want to go to grad school because of the Marshall curve.</p>

<p>Marshall has removed its curve recently, I hear.</p>

<p>The average transfer gpa to USC is around 3.57 and the average gpas for Marshall and Viterbi are obviously higher, as well for some other schools. I'm just hoping that the SPPD is one of the schools that brings the said average down to a 3.57 by admitting students with lower gpas hah.</p>

<p>You and me both. Just being honest</p>

<p>Actually the Viterbi students GPA's bring the whole average down. Look back at the USC transfer 2006 and 2007 threads and most people on CC were admitted to Viterbi with anywhere from 2.9-3.5 GPAs.</p>

<p>Given the level of difficulty of the courses, it is understandable but good luck to you all! I also feel slightly lonely on the USC threads, only a couple other people applying to the same major and school! (Annenberg)</p>

<p>Good call Woman.Of.Troy, never noticed that before. Hopefully not so many people applied to the SPPD, doesn't seem to be that many obviously. I'm hoping that my recs and letters and "demonstrated leadership qualities" (one of the four main things they look at for admittance to SPPD according to the website) will bode better than my GPA. I actually think I have a much better shot at USC than LA and Cal simply because they see more of what I have done in life, not just school. Pros of a private haha</p>

<p>Has anyone done anything to look more into the school?</p>

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<p>Not much, but I couldn't find much else. I'm searching for some type of student profile to find out some info on transfer GPA's but I can't seem to find much.</p>

<p>You wont find any. If you called them they wont give you much. I even called my current CC and they couldnt provide much info about SPPD</p>

<p>Well hopefully they don't get many applicants and are willing to accept transfers with open arms! hah</p>