USC Spring Admit 2021

Hey guys! Any other fellow spring admits out there and if so, what do you think about getting accepted for the spring? I absolutely love USC but I have no idea what I would do in the fall.

hey! I’m also a spring admit & I don’t really know how to feel about the decision, but I feel super lucky to be admitted. I feel like I’m in the same situation as you & am not sure what I would do in the fall if I committed

Congrats Spring Admits! Some people are thrilled to get into USC anyway they can, and others are disappointed with the thought of missing that freshman move in and first fall at their 4 year U. Some will save money taking classes at a cc, others may work, travel, go abroad with a USC sister university or hang out. Some will say heck no and some will say heck yeah. No wrong answer!

They also have a spring term orientation, so you come in just like a new student and aren’t left to figure things out on your own. It seems many use Santa Monica CC and/or live close enough to USC so they can take part in fall football events/activities. Spring admits may purchase student section football passes. There are private owned complexes like Gateway that some live at which is right across the street. You get student housing when you start in spring, and they generally put spring admits together. Maybe you can make your first spring admits friends connecting here or on any other site that opens up about coming to USC in the spring.

Here are two links from USC and a couple CC threads from last year for more information:

CONGRATS on being an amazing Spring Admits! Good for you! Spring Admits are all outstanding students, teammates, leaders and tend to be people that are independent and love to involved! If you decide to go to USC you have lots of options!

Some take a gap semester and travel or work. You can also stay home and enjoy a few short months of extra home-cooked meals and take classes at a JC. The study abroad options is wonderful! Abroad students get the whole move in experience at a USC approved university with other USC Spring kids and gain some really close friendships with fellow Trojans plus travel~ They are a very tight group when they come to SC. Some students rent an apartment at Gateway apartments next to the USC campus and take classes at a JC nearby and get to attend the home football games in the student section and explore LA and make friends with other people going to USC both fall and spring. (the extra bonus is that all of these options will safe some money, even study abroad saves a little bit of money in that first semester some will offer offer small merit scholarships)

This acceptance is a great opportunity! You get a little bit of wriggle room for a very short 4 months! Fight On!

is there anyway they can let you in the fall?

Yes but don’t plan on it and they post not to ask. Obviously everyone wants to be bumped up and they know that. All dependent on a spot opening up in your school/major. It happens, but best to plan on spring and be pleasantly surprised than plan on fall and be disappointed.

They start moving people typically in July after transfer notifications are done.

i applied biological sciences in dornsife @CADREAMIN

When is the soonest we will hear back about if we are bumped to fall

Copied from my decision letter - “After the May 1 National Candidates Reply Date, if we find we have room in the fall class, we may invite some students who accepted the spring offer to enroll in the fall class.” @lalachicken55

does anybody know which school tends to move the most spring admits? like is there a more likely chance based on which program you are in? how many spring admits are there, how many were there last year and how many were moved to fall? Lots o questions I know, I am just super curious because this is my dream school!

what’s everyone’s major? Mine is technically business but I’ll most likely either switch to public health or do a double major

@lalachicken55 It really just depends on spaces becoming available within any program due to study abroad or early departures or admitted students failing to enroll, etc. So, it cannot really be predicted. Sometimes very few are moved forward. Sometimes a lot are. 2020 is a crazy year, so I suspect many may get that chance.

how many would you say is many?

i am in annenberg for those asking

@lalachicken55 I would just be guessing, but maybe a couple hundred. It will likely come down to USC’s yield conversion. It is so hard to predict though, as there are way too many variables at play.

do you know about how many were moved last year?

@lalachicken55 Not exactly. But more than the year before, as I understand it.

I am freakin out over here. I thought there was no way I would get into usc (my dream since 5th grade) and set my heart on Syracuse. However, this changes things immensely! Syracuse is also super good at journalism and they have lots of options as far as majoring in different types of journalism. I am so lost now and not sure what to do.

@lalachicken55 If both are comparable in terms of financial feasibility, I would ignore the spring start and simply go with your gut and/or heart.

Plus… SoCal vs Upstate NY? C’mon lol.

I got accepted to spring for Keck school of medicine. I’m just curious, but does it mean that we are less competitive if we are spring admits? I feel kinda ambivalent towards getting a spring admission. Anyone have any ideas?

Also are the spring and fall acceptance rates the same? Or is one easier to get into?