Usc Spring Admit Question!

<p>Hey to any spring admits still out there...I'm a spring admit too and was just wondering if any of you had received ANYTHING from admissions or housing or whoever yet? Cuz i haven't gotten a thing any of you know when we find out about housing? Or even for non-spring admits who are there ar in advance did you receive your housing assignment? 2 months left and the wait is OVER! =]</p>

<p>i dont think spring admits heare about housing until december, but you should have applied a while ago, like july or something. did you get the welcome pack yet? that explains a lot.</p>

<p>hey USCtrojan34.....I just read the old forum and read that you got admitted for Spring with an 1180! Wow! What did you do the whole time (since HS graduation)?</p>

<p>I'm excited that you can finally come here, usctrojan!</p>