USC supplemental essay

Hi, I am filling out my USC application and struggling on what to write for the supplementals. For this prompt,
2. " Describe something outside of your intended academic focus about which you are interested in learning. ",
I was thinking of writing about yoga and how I want to develop my yoga practice and the skills I have learned from it, mindfulness and breathing, at USC’s facilities. Is this topic ok to write about? I volunteer at a Yoga studio so it connects with the rest of my profile as well.

While it may be ideal to write about something that also ties in with a learning opportunity possible within the greater USC community, the key thing is to describe something that you are truly passionate about or genuinely interested in learning more about. Your topic seems fine… it will simply come down to how you choose to express it in writing. Good luck…

Agree with @WWWard, an essay about skipping stones can be great if it is written well and with passion. One thing I like to caution applicants on is simply writing about all the great things THEY will get out of USC. It can come off as being there just for the perks - being a taker - and not contributing. What is the applicant going to bring to the school, community, or society by attending USC or studying something specific? That is another way to approach essays and something thing to consider.