USC Transfer Chance for Fall 2021!

Hey guys! I am currently a freshman at VT and I intend to transfer to USC next fall as Applied and Computational Math major. I so far completed 19 credits and finished with a 3.94 GPA. I also have 38 credits transferred over from high school if that will have any significance. I am currently taking 17 credits this spring semester and I will have met all the required and recommended courses for my desired major by then.

As a high school student, I had a mix of As and Bs and finished with a 4.22 GPA. My SAT was a 1470 (M: 760, RW: 710) and my Math 2 Subject Test was a 750.

I would say my extracurriculars are pretty good because I continuously stayed involved in the area I wish to pursue. I have over 700+ volunteer hours from helping out in medical centers, American Red Cross, and other organizations to provide health safety. I volunteered in a veterans hospital in DC over the summer for four years where I spent time at the ER, OR, and Pharmacy and also gave back service to our veterans. I also volunteered at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where I helped my Occupational Therapy supervisor find useful technology for disabled soldiers. I also performed research in the 2019 summer where I primarily focused on Calcium signaling.

In my essays, I emphasized my goals to use data analytics in healthcare and what I hope to do and achieve at USC. For my recommendations, I asked my high school teacher from senior year instead of a professor because remote learning severely limited my relationships with them. I also asked another recommendation from one my supervisors at the veterans hospital. I don’t think USC really cares about recs since its optional but I still sent them incase if they’re helpful.

Will I have a good shot at USC to attend as a sophomore next fall? Appreciate any input!

You definitely have an amazing chance of getting in!

Could someone chance me?
I’m a current freshman at UMD.
Major: Psychology
Fall and Winter GPA: 4.0
(I took 16 credits in the fall and 3 credits in the winter)
Spring: I’m taking 19 credits and so far I have all A’s
SAT: 1360
High School GPA UW: 3.6~
High School Weighted GPA: 4.5~
I would like to think my essays and recommendations are strong
I am taking the required classes for admission and have A’s so far!
My biggest concern is my high school transcript. I took 4 AP classes but 3 exams (Got 5’s on two of them and a 4 on the other.)