USC Transfer to Viterbi

Hi all,
I have read previous threads on this topic but I’m not sure if the conditions have changed. If I am admitted to USC in any department other than Viterbi (DLAS, Marshall, etc.), how likely is an internal transfer to Viterbi? Just want the peace of mind that I would be able to switch if I decided to.
Is the process guaranteed if you schedule for the required engineering courses and maintain a 3.0+ GPA? Or is it more like other programs (UWash) where admission is more random and even if you keep amazing grades you are still likely to be rejected?
Thank you!!

As long as you enroll in the appropriate STEM courses + maintain a 3.0 before applying, you will be accepted.

Great, thank you so much!

@digitdanimal There are three Viterbi courses you need to take (depends on the major which three). You need at least a 3.0 in each course and there is NO guarantee you will be approved for the transfer. My son went through this process three years ago. If your grades are amazing in those three courses then you will probably be accepted.

@GamerGal27, hi, just found this thread and saw your posts on the topic in other threads too. A follow up question please. Did Viterbi tell your son to take the three classes (one math, two CS) all in one semester? My son is admitted to class of 2023, into Physics/CS major. Now he wants to major in CS instead, and possibly another major/minor in Biology.