<p>First any help would be simply great
My gpa my sophmore year was down but rebounded by JR year. Soph- 3.5, 3.65, Jr- 4.125, 4.125 CUM- 3.8075. I am taking two courses at a city college over summer and those will boost my gpa even more. Will be roughly 3.95 Total AP Classes- AP Euro, AP US, AP Psych, AP Comp. Honors English, Honors Chem too. Spanish 1,2,3. My Co-curriculars are off the charts, participating in everything possible and recieving many awards and recognitions in the things i do. President/Founder of a school club. will be 3 year varsity athlete. Over 100 hours of community service. 1900 on SAT, 27 ACT. I will apply at all three for early admisions- any hope? I know the gpa is low but hopefully co curricular will help a lot. Usc is my first choice. Any advice would be great. Honesty PLEASE.</p>

<p>You need to calculate your UC GPA which only includes A-G classes for soph and junior years. That's what UCs look at. You can only weigh 8 terms of honors/APs, and those must be approved classes. None of the UCs offer an early application program.</p>

<p>For the top UCs, average UC GPA is 4.2, average SAT 2050. USC wants similar stats, their average SAT is a bit higher, so definitely retake for all 3.</p>

<p>Activities help most once you have at least the average stats.</p>

<p>UC Gpa is 3.8, will be likley 4 with the two college classes over summer. Thanks for replying</p>

<p>The classes over summer will not count.</p>

<p>you'll need to raise that SAT substantially for USC.</p>

<p>College courses over the summer, if they are in A-G subjects, *will *count for UC GPA and are granted the extra GPA pt (within the 8 semester limit for GPA weight). <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>are you sure college courses (taken at the local jr college) count for the extra point, or just high school summer school courses</p>

<p>Yeah i was told the UC's recalculate your gpa with college classes assuming htey are before your senior year. Private schools, however, i am clueless.</p>

are you sure college courses (taken at the local jr college) count for the extra point, or just high school summer school courses

Yes, I am sure. If you clicked the link I included to support my post from the official University of California application website, you would have found the following:</p>

Honors Courses: The University assigns extra points for up to eight semesters of University-certified honors-level and Advanced Placement courses taken in the last three years of high school: A=5 points, B=4 points, C=3 points. No more than two yearlong UC-approved honors level courses taken in the 10th grade may be given extra points. A grade of D in an honors or advanced placement course does not earn extra points.</p>

<p>The courses must be in the following "a-g" subjects: history/social science, English, advanced mathematics, laboratory science, language other than English, and visual and performing arts. Also, they must be certified as honors courses by the University. In these subjects, as well as in computer science, acceptable honors-level courses include Advanced Placement courses, Higher Level and designated Standard Level International Baccalaureate courses, and college courses that are transferable to the University.

<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks, I have an upcoming HS junior that will probably take a class this fall at the JC bc he is only able to take two honors classes this fall due to scheduling problems ( he is in a fine arts magnet).</p>

<p>Regardless of anything, you will not be applying to USC, UCLA or UC Berkeley for early action or early decision because none of them has either of those.</p>