<p>So I got accepted to USC today as a spring admit. I am so excited and it was very inexpected. But I have my mind and SIR already set on UCSB and am already enrolled in two summer courses. I was wondering if you guys know if I can possibly go to UCSB until the end of winter quarter and then start USC in the spring? Would my courses transfer and is i even possible? (Oh, I'm a transfer student. I already have 72 units complete so I'm past the "just work on GE's stage)</p>

<p>Yes, you can attend UCSB until you enroll at USC in the Spring. Yes, courses would transfer, but as you are probably aware you can bring a maximum of 64 semester units to USC with you. You have already exceeded that total (unless your 72-unit total is quarter units... if so, you should have room for more). Do you already have your transfer credit report? Once you get that you can check to see what they accepted for transfer and if there are any courses you could take that would be more beneficial to your degree progress. USC will give you transfer credit for the 64 most useful units, so if ones you take this summer and fall were more useful, you would get credit for those (and of course, not get credit for others...)</p>

<p>USC</a> Catalogue: Undergraduate Education: Course Work Taken Elsewhere : Transfer Credit
USC</a> ARR : Articulation
USC</a> Catalogue: Undergraduate Education: Course Work Taken Elsewhere</p>

<p>Have you considered looking for an internship in your field? That might be a more economical use of your time - attending UCSB would be a bit expensive for units that you cannot transfer. (Assuming you chose USC.) </p>

<p>Congratulations on your acceptance and good luck with the decision!</p>