USC - UIUC - UToronto.. which one to transfer??

<p>Hi, i was accepted to uiuc for a month ago but i still couldnt decide which school to go.. i am accepted to usc which is high in rankings but everyone says it is not good.. i am also waiting to hear from toronto. i am just rejected by michigan..</p>

<p>i am international and my major is industrial engineering.. which school should i go? what do you guys think about usc ??</p>


<p>I think USC is overrated and not really a great engineering school. To be honest though, you will never get a straight answer about USC because pretty much everyone who doesn't go there (or isn't a fan) hates them and everyone who does go there loves to talk about how great it is.</p>

<p>When it comes to engineering, though, it doesn't need a straight answer. It just plain isn't as good as the other two you mentioned. It costs a ton, too.</p>

<p>thanks for the answer, i really need help..</p>

<p>usc is more like a partying school i guess but the thing is they are up in rankings.. plus, i am from turkey and its like everyone from turkey can go to usc, i dont know why but its quite easy to go usc from here. however, other schools are harder to get in as far as i observe..</p>

<p>i see that utoronto is quite good in engineering.. in usnews rankings toronto and illinois are almost the same in engineering..</p>

<p>what do you think about toronto vs illinois?</p>

<p>Rankings aren't everything. Have you been to all the schools for a visit? I realize that is a longshot since you are international. USC is ranked highly overall, but for engineering they are just okay. Recently they got ranked artificially high because of some misreporting of some of their stats (no idea if they did it on purpose) but in general it isn't known for engineering. UIUC and Toronto are both in something like the top 20 for world engineering rankings. It may even be in the top 10.</p>

<p>Either way, the two schools are pretty comparable. Go where you think you would be happiest.</p>

<p>yeah you are right but thats the thing.. i think la would be the best place to live :) but usc isnt as good as others haha</p>

<p>i have just been to toronto out of these schools and i liked the city and the school but the thing is its canada.. us seems like a better place for job opportunities and other things when compared to canada.. what do you think about differences between canada and us about jobs, after graduation life, ..</p>

<p>Given I have never been to Canada and my only experience with Canadians are a couple who moved here for graduate school, I can't really honestly comment on that. I hear most of the people there are friendly though.</p>

<p>I suppose where to live is highly personal, but I would hate to live in LA. I would want to live farther away from the city center than USC is because it is a nightmare to get around in that area.</p>

<p>what about an international student to find a job after graduation.. is it easier in us or canada? where can i find info about it</p>

<p>I wouldn't think the experience would be much different in either country unless you are trying to get into a field that has government contracts like certain branches of aerospace, in which case you need to be a citizen. That should be true of both countries though.</p>

<p>ok i so i need to decide quickly between usc toronto and illinois.. thanks a lot</p>