I’ve been lurking on this site for the past several months trying to alleviate the stress that comes with college applications and I just recently decided to actually make an account. I have narrowed my college choice down to USC and UCSD. I would really appreciate any input from you great people!

USC has always been my dream school, but I the problem is I was accepted for Spring 2018 not Fall 2017. I visited the school and I love the campus. It truly felt like it was my home away from home. I love the sports atmosphere offered and the Southern California location. Also, it is very easy to change majors within Dornsife, the college I was accepted into. This is very important to me since I am not completely sure what major I want to pursue in college (I was admitted for International Relations and the Global Economy), and the ability to change is very important to me. The only thing I have some reservations about is the Spring start. I am worried about what will happen over the fall semester and that I will miss out on important experiences. I just would prefer the certainty of a Fall 2017 admission. A little part of me feels like I am betraying myself if I let this stand in my way. I have talked to many former spring admits who say it isn’t a big deal.

On the other hand, I can start at UCSD in the fall. I was accepted into the school for a joint Economics and Mathematics major. I went to the admit day and attended a talk with the heads of the department and I was very impressed. It sounded like a major I would really enjoy pursuing; however, I am still worried that once I get there I will come to want to change to something different. If this happens, I know it is very hard to change majors at UCSD. Many students take longer than 4 years after they have trouble getting their majors changed. Another downside is that the dorms for Warren College were less than ideal. I had some anxiety once I saw how small and cramped a space that three people had to share was. The remedy to that is the location is great. I currently live only 25 minutes away from UCSD and my grandparents live 5 minutes away. I could easily escape for a little if I can’t take it anymore.

Note: I know there is a substantial difference between the costs, but my parents have told me to not factor USC’s costs in because they can afford it.

This is a very stressful decision and any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Fellow USC spring admit here! Like you, my final decision also came down to USC vs. UCSD. I ended up picking USC mainly because of the reason you mentioned: the flexibility to change majors once enrolled. Also, USC has a much better student to faculty ratio than UCSD and a great alumni network.

For me, initially I had reservations about being a spring admit as well, but after going to the Spring Explore tour I felt that USC definitely aren’t treating us as afterthoughts because they offer a lot of support and opportunities (inc. study abroad options) to spring admits. Plus, my parents reminded me that starting a semester late won’t matter at all when I graduate 4 years later with the same degree as everybody else.

Good luck in making your final decision! Both USC and UCSD are great schools.

If you choose USC, you can go to a community college during Fall, 2017. Just make sure you check with USC to make sure your CC credits transfer. Missing one semester isn’t a big deal.