USC vs. BU?? (only 7 days to decide)

<p>I'm undeclared, but strongly considering Pre-med and bio-neuro or neuroscience. From the Northwest, accepted to honors program at USC, want great urban experience. What should I do??</p>

<p>So basically this decision is not only USC vs. BU, but USC Thematic Option (Honors) vs. BU? USC, superb honors program aside, already trumps BU, so unless you're enamored with Boston and have a strong dislike for Los Angeles, this shouldn't be a tough decision. However, BU will likely give you a better city experience than USC, though will you place more emphasis on this than on the quality of school/program?</p>

<p>Yes, my answer comes from a USC student, but I also considered BU. Until I got the big black "You're In!" package from USC.</p>

<p>i think you should go to usc. Usc is superb or biomedine. Boston University is ranked way lower than USC. USC is one of the top schools in USA (close to UCLA and UCB), where as BU is ranked lower than UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara. If you want to go to a med school, and want to have a good</p>

<p>If you want a "great urban experience," you'll have it in Boston, not in LA. Check out the BU forum and post your question there.</p>

<p>i'd pick usc.</p>