USC, vs Cal Poly SLo, vs Santa Clara

<p>I got into my top three schools, and now I have the hard choice of choosing between them. I will be studding Mechanical Engineering. Any suggestions? </p>

<p>How is the...
Collaborative vs. competitive atmosphere?
Access to prof vs. TA's?
Internship/research opportunities (hands on)?
Ease of changing majors?
level of academic stress? USC.</p>

<p>thanks a lot,

<p>Uhh well I don't have any experience cause I'm still a senior in HS, but I can say this:</p>

<p>USC Viterbi's engineering program holds A LOT MORE prestige than the other two schools, hands down.</p>

<p>From that list I would boil it down to USC or Cal Poly. Cal Poly is actually very impressive and has a hands on focus to their engineering program that is not traditional.</p>

<p>USC would be smaller classes and great prof access.</p>

<p>Cal Poly has great engineering contacts as does USC. Pick based on fit not prestige as those in the know respect both.</p>

<p>I suspect USC has more majors and we steered away from Poly due to the possibility of changing majors.</p>

<p>USC has more internationals if you are from Switzerland. Cal Poly SLO probably has more students from California.</p>

<p>1] Compare the classes required for graduation at the colleges you are considering- USC has a "core" of liberal arts classes that all students must take, in addition to the classes required in your major. That may or may not be a factor in your decision.</p>

<p>I would drop SCU if I were you. As for CPSLO or USC will there be a significant difference in cost between the two for you? If one will cost more than the other I'd say the difference isn't worth it.</p>