USC vs Cornell Engineering

I have committed to USC for chemical engineering, but just got off of Cornell’s waitlist (for materials science). I have a half tuition presidential scholarship from USC, plus an additional $15,000 from the engineering school. Cornell is about $65k per year. I am from nj, so the distances are also something to consider. Are the opportunities that Cornell offers after graduation enough to turn down USC?

No. Unless you want the option to pivot into finance or something of that nature during the undergrad. Then the proximity with nyc will help. The scholarships will more than make up for travel costs etc.

By the way materials science might have more opportunities than chemical engg in the medium term, and you may be able to pivot to either materials science or chemical in either place.

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No. USC is an excellent school, which has an excellent engineering program. Paying around $25,000 more a year for Cornell doesn’t make sense, and USC has many opportunities of its own that it can offer.


Turn down an Ivy for USC? Cornell all the way…


The career center is actually not that great at Cornell in comparison to peer engineering programs. And Cornell engineering has more out of college requirements than most other ABET accredited programs. Some students hate that, others think it’s a positive.

Not sure what your family’s financial situation is like, but I wouldn’t take out loans for Cornell over USC.

Chemical engineering is an excellent field and a lot of engineering schools don’t offer this major. Throw in the financing and USC is an excellent opportunity.