USC vs Cornell Transfer

<p>Hi everyone,
I am currently a freshman at USC studying biomedical engineering with a Presidential Scholarship (half tuition). I have been granted the Transfer Option (guaranteed transfer) into Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to study biological engineering there, meaning that if I take it, I'll start attending Cornell Fall 2012. I was wondering if it is worth it to take the Transfer Option and go to Cornell?
Some additional info:
+As I said before, I am having half my tuition paid at USC, but money isn't TOO big a factor
+Have a job on campus and a research position at USC, am wondering how hard it would be to get involved in research at Cornell?
+Have visited Cornell's campus, LOVED it, but have heard from friends that there is a lack of things to do
+I may be switching into Mechanical Engineering, thoughts on which school has a better program?</p>

<p>Any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance for all your help! I have been on the fence on this for quite a while now!</p>

<p>I’d stay with USC. It sounds like you love it there and you would have the same opportunities in employment as Cornell.</p>