USC vs UC Berkeley! Help!

<p>I'm picking between Berkeley and USC. Both schools gave me amazing financial aid so that is not an issue. My family is from California too so distance from the family isn't an issue. I'm just torn because I know that UC Berkeley has an AMAZING reputation and prestige but USC offers programs in the degree I want and better job placement. At USC I will double major in Art and Communications and I would be able to graduate in 4 years (I have AP credits to ensure it). At UC Berkeley I would want to major in Communications but the problem is that they don't offer it, they have Mass Communications (or what they call Mass Media) but it's all theory based. Honestly, I'm just very unsure about what I would study at Berkley. I love Berkeley's campus and location. I love USC's campus. </p>

<p>Sorry this is really scattered, I'm just going crazy! </p>

<p>Anyways, if people can give me some of their insight on Berkley education and job/internship placement, that would be most helpful because I know USC's intern/job placement is incredible.</p>

<p>As far as Berkeley graduates' job placement, here is the career survey:
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<p>You're right, USC is more of a trade school...if you want media and communications go to USC. If you're not sure what you want and desire a more intellectual environment, I would choose Berkeley.</p>

<p>Is anyone familiar with Berkeley's Mass Comm major?</p>

<p>or does anyone have any input about berkeley in general? like their experience in trying to gain employment after graduating? i'm also considering majoring in poli-sci or art history.</p>

<p>It looks to me like you really prefer USC. If the money is there, it is perfectly OK to choose that University. Particularly as it offers the specific major that you want, and the job placement for that major is good.</p>

<p>It is not necessary for you to attend Berkeley just because you were admitted and offered good financial aid. You can choose USC because you believe that it is a better "fit".</p>