USC vs Uillinois vs Utoronto.. which one to transfer??

<p>Hi guys i really need help i cant decide between those 3 schools..</p>

<p>i am international and i am transferring in fall 2011 to one of those 3. my major is industrial engineering.</p>

<p>usc is quite high in rankings but people usually say that usc is just popular but not as good as others in engineering.. but still, usc is in la..</p>

<p>what do you guys think? is it worth transferring to usc? i have to decide this week so thanks for your help</p>

<p>Well after deciding which program fits you best if I had to choose from 3 VERY different schools (all three sound like they would be excellent choices) I would consider three things: The area, Toronto, Illinois, and Los Angeles are so much different from each other...Consider the weather!...and lastly I dont know if cost of attendence is an issue for you or not but that might also be something to consider.</p>

<p>I'm from Toronto, and I know a lot of people from my graduating class are going to U of T next year. It is largely a commuter school. However, I've heard that the engineering program, although tough, is good. That being said, it is also very cold in the winters. As for USC (where I'll be attending next year), I know there are less commuters and of course the weather is fantastic. Don't know much about the engineering program... I think a lot of it depends on where you want to end up post-graduation and what kind of environment you see yourself in for the next few years.</p>

<p>You are deciding among three choices. Have you visited the campuses? Have you checked on their facilities, labs and job placement? Where do you expect to live after graduation?</p>

<p>Since you are international would there be a large difference in tuition, fees, room and board? If you are a Canadian citizen it is my understanding Toronto would be much lower in total cost.</p>

<p>You can use the search feature to check on the many threads about Viterbi and experiences of students in the various engineering programs.</p>

<p>guys thanks for responses</p>

<p>@mcuevas yeah living in la would be great since weather is nice the city is awesome etc.. but academic life is also important.. and money doesnt matter so much they all cost around 30000 per year and usc is 40000.. but usc has a bad reputation in turkey, everyone can go to usc easily so i dont know how things are like in us</p>

<p>@canada so you think going to toronto as an international would be not as good as going to usc since there will be more diversity ? and i want to stay in us or canada after graduation and work there.. i dont wanna go back home so job opportunities matter a lot.. is it better in us or canada?</p>

<p>@Georgia Girl i have only been to toronto among them.. i liked the city and the campus.. tuition costs me a lot in all 3 schools so it doesnt matter too much.. my primary concern is academic quality and job opportunities after graduation. i dont wanna go back home so i wanna work in canada or us. secondly i wanna have good time in college since i am already sophomore i want to have a good time in last 2 years.</p>

<p>"but usc has a bad reputation in turkey, everyone can go to usc easily so i dont know how things are like in us"</p>

<p>I don't remember anyone from Turkey when I was going to USC. You sure they're not talking about the University of South Carolina? Or the University of Southern Crete?</p>


<pre><code>USC is considered highly selective. This year the admit rate was 22%. That means only 22 of every 100 applicants was accepted. There were between 37,000-38,000 students who applied. That does not count the thousands of transfer students who applied for the 1000+ transfer openings.

<p>I do not have any statistics for Univ. of Toronto. Here are a few comparisons from the last U.S. News rankings. The new rankings will come out in August of 2011. This is information about U. of I and USC only.</p>

<p>USC is ranked #23
U of Illinois is ranked #47</p>

<p>USC Faculty Resources #29
U. of I Faculty Resources #78</p>

<p>USC Student Faculty Ratio 9/1
U. of I Student Faculty Ratio 16/1</p>

<p>Alumni Giving Rank USC 4th
Alumni Giving Rank U of I 106</p>

<p>USC is far more selective than U of I. Illinois admits 65% of their applicants. SC admits far fewer. SC's scores are far higher and SC has far more National Merit Scholars, fourth in the nation last year. </p>

<p>SC's engineering school has had the benefit of huge donations by Ming Hseih of $35 million dollars. Other large donations have been to Viterbi by Dan Epstein 11 million, Mark Stevens 22 million, John Mork 15 million, Sonny Astani 17 million and Ken Kein of 8 million.</p>

<p>USC's engineering school is one of only 4 in the nation to have two NSFoundation /Engineering Research Centers. It has also been selected for the DOE new Energy Frontier Research Center and the first Dept. of Homeland Securiity Research Center of Excellence. </p>

<p>Engineering is not an easy choice. An engineering student can have a social life, but this is a demanding major. Your classes will be challenging. </p>

<p>You do not appear to know much about Viterbi. I suggest you go to the website and view the faculty biographies, honors, awards, facilities, student research opportunities, successful alumni and the course of study in your major. Also, Viterbi has YouTube videos which you can see that explain more about the school.</p>

<p>My daughter just graduated from USC Viterbi. She loved the variety of experiences there.
Try the site and look for the blogs of the Viterbi Student Ambassadors on the Viterbi Engineering link. That will give you a good idea of the kinds of experiences students have there and the types of students that attend. USC has one of the highest numbers of international students attending of any undergraduate school in the US. About 50 % of the students are from out of state.</p>

<p>@simba9 of course i'm talking about southern california :) yeah i know its selective but in turkey everyone can go easily maybe its beacuse tuition is expensive and people are willing to pay it here.. secondly, i am accepted as a transfer with only 3.28 gpa whereas people rejected with 4.0 gpa in us..</p>

<p>@Georgia Girl thanks for the reply.. i checked out both school's websites but they all say our school is great so i want to listen other people's ideas and experiences.. especially i wanna learn how the life in la is.. is it a cool city for students? i will be paying around 50000 dollars for tuition plus housing so if la is a too expensve city, it might effect me a little.. are you in usc btw?</p>

<p>@windbehindwings thanks for the advice.. of course usc is a great school but i am curious if it is worth paying 100000 dollars per year to live in la an go to usc.. where is your daughter from btw, us? and has she found a job yet? after graduation is also important for me since i need to find a job in us</p>

<p>As a Senior at USC, I have only good things to say about my experiences the last three years in the ISE program. The department is mid-sized, which means although there are plenty of specialized professors, and there is still an individualized feel in the classroom. As far as the academic program, I have found the required classes in statistics, engineering economy, operations research, etc. have prepared me well for internships. In addition, all the companies recruiting ISEs at USC are highly impressed with the rigor of the course work as well as the quality of ISEs graduating from the program. My graduating classmates have found great jobs in consulting, supply chain management, and commodity trading, just to name a few. In addition, unlike some other ISE programs, USC has many research projects available to undergrads. By September of my freshmen year I had a paid research job on a joint project with the Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and the Keck School of Medicine on the Human Factors of Pediatric Patient Safety.
As far as student life, USC can't be beat. With all of USC's school spirit, student diversity, and location in the heart of LA, I can't imagine studying engineering anywhere else. On weeknights students usually stay close to campus, maybe going out to a restaurant or movie at LA Live downtown. On weekends students can hang out at the beach, go to football games, and take advantage of LA's nightlife.
Of course I'm biased as a current Trojan, but I'd highly recommend USC's ISE program. If you have any more questions about USC’s ISE program, please feel free to email me at <a href=""></a>!</p>


<p>thanks a lot viterbi student i will send you an email for further questions :)</p>