<p>Is USC a good target school for investment banks in california?</p>

<p>Stanford or Haas are better target schools in cali, but my friends tell me the top USC students can usually get banking internships in LA</p>

<p>does usc even have a finance degree?</p>

<p>We have a great finance program. Actually from what I have heard, goldman and other banks are starting to recruit a lot of USC students over others for various reasons.</p>

<p>I personally know quite a few people who are signed on to start in IB after graduating in May.</p>

<p>What a joke. Who said that USC students have more personality?</p>

<p>Not trying to start anything nor am I implying that all USC students have more personality than all cal/stanford students (edited my post). But if you ever get a chance to visit USC, you will see the difference. As an overall student body, there are a lot of people who are able to juggle amazing social lives on top of perfect grades.</p>

<p>I guess from a relative yet unbiased point of view (grew up near USC, and got into all the schools being debated in this thread) I'd say that my friends at Haas/Stanford are doing great as far as banking goes, whereas none of my friends who have gone to USC Marshall in the past few years have been able to secure an internship yet (two of my friends at UCLA have though).</p>

<p>Stanford and UCB is quite a few tiers a head of USC in terms of investment banking, especially in M&A, S&T, and other highly competitive areas. USC shouldn't even be compared with Stanford and UCB; there's no comparison.</p>