So, I received a financial aid package worth roughly about 26k, and the overall tuition at UCSB is about 36k.
Do I have to purchase everything offered in that 36k package, or are there somethings that I can do on my own? (It includes like medical and phones)

Also, what does EOP cover?

You have to pay fixed costs of tuition and fees.

You can look for cheaper off campus room and board, but it might be nice to have freshman housing and do that the following years.

You may be able to buy used texts, rent or borrow.

If you have adequate health insurance you can get a waiver for the university insurance.

I am unaware of any specific phone charge or allocation.

You can spend less on personal expenses than is in the COA.


The Financial Aid Department is responsible for all UCSB Financial Aid. However, EOP does offer AS Emergency grants to financial aid eligible EOP students. See you Counselor for criteria eligibility.