USciences in Philadelphia

I was accepted to USciences and its Pharmacy Program last week. Does anybody have any information on the school or any first hand experience?


Congrats ! When did you apply (submitted all supporting document ?) ?

I was accepted to USP too, pharmacy program in Dec 2014 with a Presidential scholarship, really excited about it.

Same question: Does anyone have any info or first hand experience about USP Pharmacy ?


Congrats to you as well @BigBear1‌! I applied online on like the 27th and got all my supporting documents in the mail on the 29th.

Are you going to USP ?

I’m not sure yet. I’m waiting to hear back from my other schools before making a decision. Are you?

Most likely USP but I am just waiting for a few more schools before making a decision.

yeupp hey guys are you all going to USP? Did you find anything about student life there - I heard not much goes on, and the dorms are kinda gross. IDK??

I’m not going to go to USciences. Andddd I can’t tell you anything about the student life or campus because I didn’t go to any of the thousand accepted student days/open houses they had. :">

okay thanks :slight_smile:

Was there a particular reason you decided against USP?

It was mostly financial for me. USciences is a very good school for pharmacy and Philly is a nice city.