USD Fall 2020 Transfer Admissions

Hey guys! I haven’t seen an active forum for USD fall 2020 transfer applicants, so I wanted to create this so we can keep each other in the loop, ask or answer any questions. Reading from previous years, it seems admissions decisions can go out anytime from May to July, so this could be helpful to keep everything informed and such! Look forward to hearing back from other eager applicants!! ps. hope everyone is staying safe during these tense times.

Does anyone else have the status “complete-Ready for Review”?

Hey there! I’m currently a second year undergraduate at the University of Washington, Seattle. I really want to transfer to a smaller private university, and I miss California (originally from here). I have a 3.46 GPA, and I applied last month. It does say complete-ready for review to me. I emailed them and apparently because of Covid-19 the admissions department is currently closed, though they will continue to respond to emails. Under the status section for me, it still says they are waiting for my midterm report, as well as my highschool transcript, but the rest is checked off. I asked them and they said to just send an official transcript (i’m on a quarter system), and they said it will take a little longer to process due to the office being closed for now.

You wanting to transfer to a smaller university totally makes sense to me! I toured UW Seattle and it was massive! And as far as updates from me, it still says complete and ready for review. Although it says the decisions will be released starting May, judging from past forums, transfer decisions were being released mid-end of April. So fingers crossed for all of us! If anyone has any updates regarding their application status please feel free to share! I also wanted to start this forum for admitted students who are planning to enroll so they can get to know each other before the Fall ( just an idea). . Safe thoughts to everyone! @flashinglightz

It also says complete & ready for review for me. Are all 7 checkboxes marked off for you? For me I have submitted all the documents but the midterm report/highschool transcript are not, though I submitted them to Santa Clara University at the same time, and on their portal they are checked off. The “mandatory” checkbox is not starred for those two however, so it says my app is ready to review.

Also on some older threads I’ve read about transfers not getting their decisions until June and even July… I hope that’s not the case this year

Those two aren’t starred on my mandatory boxes either. And I agree, waiting until July would give me lots of anxiety! @flashinglightz


Congrats!! @freckledskylight Are you in your second year of undergraduate as well?

@henry2017 Thank you! I am in my second year

How were you notified?

Yeah was it through the portal? Also when did you submit your app? @freckledskylight

@flashinglightz @henry2017 I was notified through my email and when I checked my portal there was a new tab that said Admitted under the Admission section. I submitted my app at the very end of January.

Hi I’m thinking of applying for late consideration. I was wondering tho what usd looks at when they review ur application. I’m waiting on some decisions still that will help me decide whether to go through with my application or not so I was wondering if they send out admissions in a rolling basis meaning the earlier I apply the earlier I’ll hear back and if when I apply will affect my decision
Any help is appreciated I’m not very familiar with how the transfer process works with private colleges

From previous forums it seems that there is no particular order in which they release decisions. I know it said on the website that late consideration applicants are reviewed after all regular decision applicants are reviewed and notified. But I think that might apply to first year applicants. Also in previous forums I remember some saying they applied late but had heard back before some regular decision applicants. Hope this helps @ucsdacceptme

Yesterday, I received an email stating that my application requirements were incomplete, all the boxes checked except “mid-term report”. But I knew it was sent in 4 weeks prior, so I emailed admissions. Within 24 hours, today, all boxes are checked now! So it is worth sending out emails for anyone still waiting. And, best of all, my application now states, “completed, ready for review”. But, I am waiting to read, “Admitted”!!! Fingers crossed

@henry2017 Thank you I’ll look into sending my application as soon as I can now !

Unrelated, but just got accpeted to Santa Clara University. Hope I get into USD, I love SCU (from the area), but I’d love living in San Diego for a few years so much!!

My friends love Santa Clara! Hoping more decisions roll out from USD this week @flashinglightz

Just got admitted to USD!!!

Congrats!!! Thats awesome. Just curious, when did you submit your app and how did you find out?? Im so anxious lol @flashinglightz