USD Merit Aid Chances

I was wondering if someone might help me to understand an estimate of merit aid at USD? To help, my EC’s I’m pretty proud of, 1480 SAT, ad 3.7 unweighted GPA. Do you think I might qualify? I love the school, so any help would be much appreciated!

Hey @cs2023 I think the average GPA of incoming freshmen this year was the highest in the university’s history at 3.9. I think USD is becoming more competitive and more selective, particularly as the University of California system receives higher and higher numbers of applications each year - both instate and out - and cannot take all the highly qualified students who want to attend and stay in-state.

We were offered merit aid of around 22K/year with a GPA of around 4.0 and a SAT of 1410.

Good luck!

Can you tell me what GPA has to be maintained in order to renew their merit scholarships each year? That information is not on their website.

Sorry for the late reply. Just reading through this string looking for info on when and how merit was received. To renew merit I believe you have to maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Does anyone know when and where they received merit info after being accepted?

Merit aid was in the letter I received by snail mail, got it a few days after my portal was updated. Merit is also shown on the portal under Financial Aid Status, but it took around a week to update after I got my acceptance.

@caro2023, thank you! That was helpful! I just got accepted early this week and I know I can’t go without merit, so I am very anxious to find out if I will get any!