USD or Redlands

<p>I am from out of state and am having a hard time deciding which school to attend, any thoughts.

<p>Too bad Carolyn isn't still around. A student was trying to make the same choice in 2004. He was from East coast. It's been awhile but I think originally he wanted California and discovered USD. Carolyn informed him about Redlands. Finacially Redlands was a bit better. His dad flew him out to check them in person and he chose Redlands. His roomate met my son during move in day and I met them both. I ran into him jr yr but not later. Perhaps you can search for the posts. HS grad 2004 I cannot remember cc name.</p>

<p>They are really different types of schools. My daughter was planning to apply to both, but has decided on Redlands and never applied to USD. USD is a bigger school, and due to the fact that it has an amazing city surrounding it I have heard that a lot of the kids leave campus for the weekends. Since Redlands (the town) is smaller, without the attractions that somewhere like San Diego has, the kids at UofR tend to stay on campus and there is usually a lot going on at the campus.</p>

<p>Her are my thoughts..
Our daughter is graduating this year. ComDis major. If you are considering this school you should ask about job placement and career guidance. The ComDis dept. is lacking BIG TIME in these areas. Her councilor gave her the wrong advice about grad school and has been no help to her in obtaining an SLPA cert. We are extremely disappointed!! Also, I believe the school is in deep financial trouble.</p>

<p>what is "ComDis"?</p>

<p>what is "SLPA"?</p>

<p>U of R is a beautiful campus, but tuition is high.</p>

<p>Redlands is a private school so the tuition is high, but not as high as some others. When my son was contemplating Redlands vs. Occidental- the latter's tuition was $5K more. If you come in with good grades you will be offered merit aid. For the post re financial trouble- do you have any facts to back that claim up? I got all the notices the school sent, read the local paper articles, and found that the school has a financial hole as does most colleges in America- investments took a hit at colleges, not just our homes. But not anything that should signal alarms- unless you have something to offer beyond hearsay.
Communications Disorders is a big program at Redlands. I was surprised so many people would major in this but they do. I will ask my son to heed the warning about post graduation guidance- that's certainly part of why we pay the big bucks is to get personal, accurate assistance with grad school placement, job direction. Right now he's really liking school. Will be a junior- bio major. Classes are tough but teachers completely accessible.</p>

<p>Thanks for posting, maenidmom, there's not a lot of activity on this forum. My son will be a freshman at Redlands this fall and is looking forward to being there. He got excellent merit aid and a bit of unexpected - but very welcome - need-based aid as well. I think if students have a good rapport with their admissions counselor and show a strong interest in the school, Redlands can be very generous with their merit awards.</p>

<p>The Class of '14 Facebook page is relatively active.</p>