USD Reputation in California

<p>So I visited USD and loved the campus, the students, and the atmosphere. However, I am a little hesitant to set my sights on USD, because I know that there are just SOOO many great schools in California that I feel may overshadow it in terms of internships/jobs/reputation/etc. How do you guys feel about the opportunities that USD students get?</p>

<p>My son is a senior who will be graduating this December. Over the past four years, the reputation of USD has improved dramatically. The business school and law school are top notch. My son is majoring in communications with an emphasis on sports marketing and the graduates from this major are sought after and held in high regard. The school is really an up and coming school whose reputation will only continue to strengthen. Each year it is getting more and more difficult to gain acceptance. You are right in that there are a lot of excellent schools in California. I have three children in college next year - one at USD, one at Loyola Marymount and one at UC Berkeley. Obviously, Berkeley is the strongest out of the three but not everyone can get into Berkeley! USD is an excellent choice. If you like it, you should apply there and not worry about the other excellent schools in California. College is what you make of it. You can get an excellent education just about anywhere. It is your drive, determination and initiative that will determine whether or not you succeed.</p>

<p>Thank you! That was a very thorough response! I am planning on attending law school after I graduate, and my only worry is that San Diego doesn't carry the reputation that other schools do in California and the other schools I'm applying to (University of Miami-best school in Florida, Notre Dame-extremely strong alumni/reputation). I know that grad. schools try to diversify by getting students from all regions of the US, and I'm worried that they'll look for California schools and go for the UCLA/USC/Stanford students as opposed to the USD students.</p>

<p>Also, has your son enjoyed his social experience as well as his academic experience at USD. I noticed that USD has the lowest retention rate out of all the schools I am applying to, and that worries me a little. Do you feel that students overall enjoy their USD experience?</p>

<p>I understand your concern about comparing USD to the other well known California campuses. Remember though that admission to law school comes down to a lot of factors - GPA, LSAT scores, extracurricular activities, leadership, etc. USD is a small campus and there is a lot of opportunities to really get involved and be a leader. I would look for the school that fits you best. All of the universities you are considering are excellent schools, so you really can't go wrong. Stanford/USC/UCLA etc. are very difficult to get into so it would be smart to include other universities on your list that are tough but not as tough.</p>

<p>USD is not a typical party college. They do have a Greek system but there are no houses. USD is not an athletic powerhouse although they do have some very good programs (basketball and baseball are usually quite good). There are plenty of parties for those who want to go, but if you are looking for a typical party campus, this would not be the place for you. </p>

<p>My son transferred to USD as a sophomore. It was tough making friends at first because he had no desire to join a frat. He eventually hit his stride and made many friends through sports and sports related activities. He loves USD basketball and is actually friends with many on the team. He plays intramural sports. He is an intern for the Athletic Department and has met people through that. His girlfriend is in a sorority so he has made friends there. It's like anything else. You get what you put in. There is plenty to do but you have to go out and pursue your interests.</p>

<p>USD is in a great area. It's a beautiful campus and San Diego is awesome. Just like any university, you will find people who love it and people who don't. I would encourage you to trust yourself. If you loved your visit to USD, trust that and apply. Visit the other campuses and see how you feel. You will flourish where you feel happiest. Best of luck to you as you work to find the perfect university for you.</p>

<p>It all comes down on where you can get in. Can you get into a better (reputation-wise) university? Tops in California in that category are Berkeley or the junior university commonly known as Stanfurd. So, if you're interested primarily in reputation, then I suggest you look elsewhere.</p>

<p>I see nothing special about the school myself, but I'm not really qualified to speak at length because I'm not affiliated with the university in any way. Personally, I think what draws people to this school is the nice looking campus and the San Diego weather.</p>