USD Transfer 2019

Hi everyone,
I applied to transfer to USD for fall 2019. I saw in older forums for USD transfers that some people heard back early April and others not until late June! If people could post their admissions stats/ if they’ve heard anything from the school, that’d be great.

I’m surprised the transfer thread for USD isn’t more busy???

Also stats wise:

Currently attending a Cal state school
Major at my current school: Business- Finance
GPA: 3.97
Pre-reqs: almost all already done with a few being completed this semester, so they’ll all be completed by the end of this semester
Units: will have 60 completed by the end of spring
Major I applied to : Finance

Clubs/orgs: I’m apart of the Assyrian club at my school. I am also apart of the my school’s government board as part of the finance committee.

EC and extra info:

I’m apart of a youth group and I am the secretary of my youth group.

I do a lot of volunteer work through my church.

I speak 5 languages.

I got President’s Scholar at my school.

First gen

And that’s all the stats I can think of off the top of my head!

Also I haven’t heard ANYTHING from USD which makes me nervous, especially since In 2017 they posted decision in early April, and then last year they were posting in June. Extremely unpredictable.

My admission was just posted! good luck to everyone!

I didn’t get anything yet :frowning:

If you don’t mind sharing, when did you apply and what are your stats? Congrats

I currently have a 3.6 at a community college. I was at a university where I received a 3.9 but it wasn’t the right fit. I also have job, internship, and volunteer experience.

Oh and I submitted the app about one week before the due date

I also haven’t received anything yet! Hopefully they continue posting! I would rather know sooner than later. Congrats by the way!!

Im applying to USD today (I know I’m really late). The late consideration deadline for transfers is May 1st… I absolutely love this university but for some reason I abstained from applying earlier. Chance me anyone? I’m sure late consideration would be more difficult…
So here’s my stats!

Major: Political Science (All Major prep complete) minor in law and ethics
Alt. major: Philosophy (All Major prep complete)
Race: Latino (Male)
GPA: 3.32 (significant upward grade trend)
Work experience: CC on-campus job (Campus tour guide/ front desk personell)
ECs: Political Science Club Officer, UC Irvine summer law program, volunteer hours within school departments/events, CC Honors program member
Essays: 7-8/10 rating

Accepted into: UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC San diego, UC Santa Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, UC Merced
Rejected from: UCLA, UC Berkeley
Waitlisted: UC Irvine
Waiting on: Loyola Marymount Unv.

also got president’s academic award and have 60 units done

Ugh, UCSD is a school I’m waiting on.

Has anyone else heard from USD

Anything anyone else ? The anticipation is killing me. I’m from Boston , I would like to know so I can start looking for a roommate! Anyone else planning on living off campus if admitted ? This thread is extra dead this year.

I haven’t heard anything either, but I applied about a month after the deadline so my application is at the bottom of the pile. The anticipation is killing me too.

Haven’t heard anything as well and I sent my application a week before the deadline.

My portal updated recently and there is now an option of turning in a Final Transcript? Not too sure what that is about.

Also, @dogsss7 how do you know when you receive the admission update? Is there an email so that you know to check.

My portal also updated and shows the same thing.

In the portal you will see an “Admitted” tab under the “Applicant” tab. I received an email probably three days later and mail a week later.

Has anyone heard anything yet?