USD vs Gonzaga vs Baylor for Business

S22 has finally heard back from all his schools and has narrowed his list to Baylor, University of San Diego and Gonzaga. He is a good but not outstanding student who plans to major in business but doesn’t have his life figured out yet - not even close actually.

A faith presence on campus is important to him, as is small to medium size, small class size, some school spirit, and a general feeling of comfort on campus.

We visited Baylor last fall and he loved it. Heading to Gonzaga and USD in the next three weeks to tour and see those campuses. After aid all schools are within $1,500 of each other cost-wise. All are fairly well regarded. Son isn’t a partier so city size and having a ton of stuff to do nearby doesn’t matter to him.

I went to school in central Illinois and would pick a better location if I could do it again, so San Diego appeals to me personally for location and weather reasons. But it is his choice and that doesn’t seem to be as important to him.

Any thoughts from the folks here who either attended any of the three or have kids there now? Thanks.

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I would think this would matter - meaning, I want to have stuff to do because i’m not drunk all the time - so I understand your thought about San Diego…as you aren’t far from the beach, old town, or downtown.

Waco literally has nothing. I’d go for work…nothing is there. That said he loved it. So at least you know you have a winner.

Hopefully he’ll either be drawn to one of the other two or not. Not would be ok since he loved Baylor and your life would be easy.

Only Baylor has D1 football - if that matters.

There’s no nicer city in America (my opinion) than San Diego. I’m biased though - I grew up there.

And does he like cold? If not, the Zags are out!!!

Hopefully you won’t need to ask after your visits - his decision will be self determined.

What area of business? Does he know? I know USD has a well regarded supply chain program.

Good luck to you/him - I hope he figures things out on his visits. Likely not a wrong choice here.

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These are three very different locations, so I am thinking that his visits will clearly identify a favorite.

USD is/was my daughter’s top choice but it’s not looking like it will be financially feasible. It is a gorgeous, clean campus and my daughter, who is not a partier and not interested in big sports, loved it and loved San Diego. One thing to consider - and it could be a positive or a negative- is that there is only a two-year live on requirement so many kids move to Mission Beach for their final two years. I’m assuming they need a car to do that, and it’s just a different experience than I would imagine Baylor would be, where most everything is focused on campus.


Nice options!

Was TCU given any consideration ?

Hankamer Business/Baylor is an outstanding program! Waco is centrally located-1.5 hours from Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth & College Station, 3 hours from Houston. Oldest Baptist university, greek life, can’t beat the current Big 12 athletic records & accomplishments, not to mention a gorgeous campus.
Many OOS students, heavy presence of California students, actually.
Sic ‘em Bears!

USD doesn’t have a lot of campus spirit. It’s gorgeous, but it’s known that most kids move down to the beach after sophomore year. In fact, they had to require kids to remain on campus for the first two years. My impression of USD is that it’s mostly very nice to look at. Friendly and laid back though.

Gonzaga is famed for school spirit. It’s got one of the nation’s top basketball teams and students are fanatics apparently. It’s also lovely, not too big, and is probably academically a bit stronger than USD. Probably the best mix, IMO of al three schools.

I don’t know much about Baylor, but it’s likely the most conservative of the three.


A friend’s son, also majoring in business, has the exact same requirements as you noted above and Gonzaga is his first choice after visiting (although he did not apply to the others on your list). I think both Gonzaga and Baylor could be good fits; my sense is that USD doesn’t have the same level of school spirit and homey campus.

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Son was accepted at TCU but just didn’t love the campus when we toured last October. Didn’t like that all the buildings look exactly the same. Plus the aid offered wasn’t as good as other schools.

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