Use ACT scores instead of SAT

<p>hi guys,
i have taken SAT twice already, and got 1860 and 1900 respectively
the scores are not ideal
and im planning on taking my 3rd SAT</p>

i also want to take the ACT test before the application deadlines,
if i do well on the ACT, i can send ACT scores ONLY right?
ie. the admission will NOT see my bad SAT scores?</p>

<p>is that correct?
do you guys know where i can find the list saying
if the colleges requires ALL ACT scores or just the highest set?</p>

<p>i want to do that too but i feel like a ****** for sending in my sat scores already to some colleges -___-</p>

Every college has their own requirements, which THEY establish. There's no set answer for your question. Some colleges require SAT. Some require either SAT or ACT. The ones who require either one are happy to take either one. Those colleges will even tell you that if you're not happy with one score or the other, only send the one you're happiest with. They'll never know whether you took the other one or not.</p>

<p>So, "Yes, you can definitely send only your ACT scores." And, "Right, admissions will not see any scores that you don't send." And, "There is no list. You have to look up each indvidual college's admission requirements to know what they require."</p>