Use of SAT Writing Section----How Widespread?

<p>Among the top 25 US universities, about how many would you say give full weight to the writing section of the SAT?</p>

<p>University of California schools allow a score of 680 on the SAT-R-W as one of the possible ways of satisfying its Entry Level (remedial) Writing Requirement. Those who do not satisfy it in any way (there are ACT, AP, IB, and campus placement test methods to satisfy it) have to enroll in a special English composition course.</p>

<p>Entry</a> Level Writing Requirement</p>

<p>the ones I know of:
Duke- averages CR and Writing
Georgetown, Chicago, Cornell, Michigan - don't use Writing</p>

<p>It's quite unfortunate, since I have an 800 in writing that goes unappreciated. Writing is also shown by studies to be better than M and CR as a predictor of academic success in college.</p>

Don't worry,I don't think it goes unappreciated. My S also had a 800 in writing and he was admitted to Uchicago. His reading was very good too, but his math was not stellar by any means. Where are you applying?</p>

<p>Redscorpion, quite extensive list that includes all of the schools above :P but a 1490 is still very competitive for them, it's just a 2290 is a bit better. Unfortunately, I'm not sure Chicago even asks to see the writing score though (like they may not even know what you got).</p>

<p>Yeah! I don't know. When we send his SAT scores, writing was there. I also think that his writing abilities reflected on his essays. I believed they definitely can tell if a person is a good writer or not, and for what I heard UChicago likes "good" essays.
Good luck with all your applications!!!</p>