Use Video Games in my personal statement?

          Hello, I am currently in a dilemma. I have been thinking about using Video games in my personal statement for the UC prompt #2.  I wanted to write about how I was incredibly depressed in life because I was bullied by my peers for my height as I was very short (shortest in my entire middle school)  and how that affected my confidence. And how I turned to  video games since I didn't have much friends, due to this I became an entirely different person online as I wasn't judged by my physical appearance since no one knew how I looked and how I established  friendships with people in video games that developed into some of the best friendships I've ever had. Due to playing video games my confidence rose as I became the captain of my Competitive video game team and led my team to win several online tournaments.
  And thanks that newfound confidence I started to express myself through youtube(Small channel) where I made Video game related content and while also talking about my experiences in life. So do you people think that this is a good thing to write about or will it turn off colleges since Video games are a touchy subject?

It’s all about how you write it. I wouldn’t whinge too much about your height or being bullied, but finding a community online and increasing your leadership and social skills in an unconventional way is a perfectly good topic.

And why are video games a touchy subject? Modern reality is that kids play video games… I don’t think college admins are sitting there pearl clutching that the youth is playing games instead of studying, or listening to classical music or something :stuck_out_tongue: (more likely they are gamers themselves, in some permutation) Unless you mean Gamer Gate, in which case yes, video games are currently a touchy subject :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the help proudterrier! I thought this would be a great subject for my essay because its about learning the skills colleges want but in a different way. The reason I didn’t want to do this subject was because other people have made similar posts and got negative responses because apparently video games are looked down upon.

I think thats super cool. Sorry if im late, but im currently designing video games. Instead of just playing, id also be impressive if you could code them. Lol mine really suck right now and im missing lots of parts. Good luck!!

As long as u have STRONG GRADES, then it’s probably OK. Weak grades + video games, OTOH, can mean a video gaming problem.