Useful SAT 2 study books

<p>WHat is a good book to study for the writing and the physics? I read that for writing, sparknotes is the best and for physics princeton is the best. I have taken the barrons writing test and did horrible but did much better on the sparknotes. Should i be worried? Also should i do all the tests in sparks? There are like 5 tests and i dont know which ones i must take. Only have a few more days to prepare doing all of them will be difficult. Tell me what you think. THank, guys.</p>

<p>Sparknotes is a great predictor for Writing. Take as many tests as possible.</p>

<p>this is so funny. I just did the first practice test and on the essay, i wrote on my summer at jackson hole. I went to a wilderness camp there a couple of years ago. Climbing the teton was awesome.</p>

<p>:) It's a wonderful place. I'm glad you enjoyed it -- and maybe it will help you get a great score!</p>

<p>any other suggestions?</p>