User ID and PIN: Anyone received?

<p>Hi, I was wondering whether everyone has received your user ID and PIN to check the app status? I only received an email that said “The Bates College Office of Admission has received your application. Thank you!”…“You will soon receive a letter in the mail that will provide a user ID and PIN…” and it’s like 1 month ago and I haven’t received anything else since then. Is it normal or should I email/call them??? kinda panic now :(</p>

<p>I received my PIN in the mail, not email about three and a half weeks after I applied, in November. I would call in a week, the office is probably SWAMPED right now.</p>

<p>omg. I'm in the same situation. Except I haven't even gotten an email saying that they have received my application :( The Common Application shows that my application is complete, so I guess they haven't sorted out all the files yet? Great, now I have something new to freak out over.
But yeah, I guess you should give it a few days before you call the office.</p>

<p>I've got nothing at all!</p>

<p>I got mine in the mail about a month after getting the email. I worried about it too but it eventually came!</p>

<p>Hi there!
I got the ID and PIN yesterday, I received a letter :)</p>

<p>I guess you'll soon get the one, though I'm intl student living in Japan.</p>

<p>Good luck for all of us!!!</p>

<p>Received it a few days ago but having trouble accessing the URL. Anyone have a suggestion?</p>

<p>Just ask AO what to do :)
I had some problems, too, so I explained it to them and then they solved the problem.
They were so nice, so just try to send an email to a officer!
hope this helps :)</p>

<p>Thanks :) got an email response to try a different case anyone else has problems. Good luck all!</p>

<p>Hi! Thanks so much everyone! Just to let those who are still in trouble accessing the status page know that you can call the admission office, tell them your name & DOB and they will check for you, like what I did. I got my app completed yay!!! (Praying, praying, praying...) :D Good luck to all of us!</p>

<p>Hi, Received pin and psswd in mail about a month after I applied. It is a good way to see if they have all of the necessary materials, but all application status letters are sent by mail. Bates does not give out offers/rejections via the web</p>

<p>Really?! I didn't know that!!
so... Do I get the notification in April 1st by mail??
I'm worry about the delay, caz I live in Japan, it must take a long time....!
Do you know whether they also give the notification to intl students by mail ?? </p>

<p>We get it by mail? It takes FOREVER for everything to get to Mongolia… ):</p>

<p>@littlemonsterr: Call them and ask to check ur file. They can tell you what's missing :)</p>