<p>Hi guys it's mid march already, which means our results will be available in less than two weeks . But until now i still haven't received any kind of username information from risd... I'm sooo upset cuz risd is like my dream school!! One of my friend submitted his materials on the deadline date and he got the username and i DIDN'T. Should i call the school? Does anybody run into the same problem? </p>

<p>haven’t received any ID or login info either. </p>

<p>emailed RISD about it, specifically about whether or not applicants are supposed to receive online portal info anyway (the website doesn’t even say if decisions are released via paper mail or the internet…). </p>

<p>their response was vague and did not even address my question about a username/whatnot. </p>

<p>they simply said that we need to wait 1 more week until decisions are fully finalized.</p>

<p>yeah, cool story bro, of course I know there’s still 1 week to go before decisions are out, but are we supposed to get the decisions ONLINE or through MAIL?!?! </p>

<p>sigh. art school logic. what do you expect?</p>

Waitwaitwait wat do u mean that we hav to wait for one more week? I thought its coming out this week…</p>

<p>that’s what they said. </p>

<p>still, please note that they didn’t even acknowledge my question about the “username.” Are you sure your friend wasn’t trolling you? </p>

<p>Also, a CC poster named “alinkaa” claims to have already been accepted into risd… <a href=“”></a></p>

<p>but her account only shows 1 post, which makes me skeptical of the veracity of her claim</p>

<p>schmincke, that was a decision thread for Cornell not RISD. I have a daughter applying as well, this year. Good Luck to you both! Mr. VC</p>


<p>I am aware of that. The thing is, other college decision boards ask posters to list other colleges to which they were accepted. For the convenience of people who read this particular thread, I will copy and paste the specific line I am referring to.</p>

<p>Alinkaa wrote:</p>

<p>"Where else were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected:</p>

<p>Accepted: Western Michigan university, university of Vermont, champlain college, SAIC, RISD, University of Massachusetts Amherst (scholarships at all)</p>

<p>Waitlisted: University of Michigan, Northeastern (rejected later). U of M I know I’ll be rejected, they flat out stated its because of my gpa."</p>

<p>It says RISD under “accepted” list…</p>

<p>so no, I was not mistaken,</p>

<p>my apologies in advance if I am coming across as a bit sassy/rude right now. I’m just like…yes, I knew that it was a Cornell thread when I posted the link here. :expressionless: </p>

<p>Thank you for pointing that out and clarifying. You are not sassy at all and I appreciate your point to the information. Sorry to have not read the post thoroughly, in today’s parlance, “My Bad”. </p>

<p>Perhaps the poster applied Early Decision to RISD however that would preclude other acceptances.
Northeastern is a tough school to get into, especially if your GPA is marginal and you aren’t a STEM concentrator. Lots of applicants, perhaps the most in the nation due to the co-op program. Thank you again, for pointing out what you have. Good Luck to you! Mr. VC</p>

<p>i think we are suppose to get decisions through mail. i just remembered last yr my friend got his mail on April 1st, but he didn’t tell me whether he received an email notification or not. </p>

<p>Ughhhhhhh. </p>