USF Admission Notification

How long does USF take to a make a decision on admission? Will they email you first? (or will one have to check OASIS periodically?) I submitted my application about 2 weeks ago, and USF received all my documents today.
Thank you!

Probably a few weeks to a month.

USF was very quick for my son. He was admitted less than 2 weeks after complete. He received scholarship info a few days later.

You should hear within a couple of weeks

Good luck!

How did your son receive the scholarship info? Did the school send a letter? or an email? My D just got accepted, but we live abroad so we were wondering.

Letter came with acceptance letter.

I applied 10/26, checked my Oasis today - shows admitted. No email yet.

@madodem1368 Son’s status page updated with scholarship info a few days after acceptance. A snail mail letter came a few days later.

@MedSciBud congrats, did USF already have your transcripts and test scores the day you applied?

@panda0607 - no - I sent it in after completing the application

Congrats! I applied the 26th also, so hopefully I’ll hear back soon. @MedSciBud

@MedSciBud Hi, Where on Oasis did it say “Admitted”?

@soyunchico Hi, how long after you application was completed did your letter come?

@app2284 I completed my app really early in summer before they even started reviewing. I heard back around early October.

@soyunchico Thanks! Congratulations!

@app2284 - once you login to Oasis and navigate to “Check my application status”, in my case - it asked me to select the term and I selected Fall 2017 - and the next page said “Congratulations, you have been admitted…”.

@MedSciBud Thanks! Hopefully I will hear soon.

Have you received a decision yet? @panda0607

@travisn326 not yet, i applied 10/26, and USF received all documents by 11/1. my friend applied the same time
as I and received her acceptance today. when did USF receive all your documents?

Gotcha. USF received my final document (transcript) on 10/26. I’m stressing! Hopefully we find out soon :slight_smile: @panda0607

I just got my acceptance letter today! I submitted my app on 10/14 and USF received all my docs on 11/3.