USF CA Sacramento Campus Fall 2019

Hi I am applying to the VNAP nursing program for USF’s Sacramento campus. I have a 3.74 overall GPA, have gotten all A’s in my science pre-requisites with the exception of an A- in micro, and only have A&P II left to complete. I finished my IGETC, I have 3 AA Degrees, 2 of which I received before obtaining my high school diploma. I helped with healthcare start up companies and consultations, involved in pediatric oncology research with a medical director, who also wrote my letter of recommendation, and I have 4 years of volunteering experience for an elementary school, as well as being a TA for a community college level statistics, precalculus, and algebra courses. I also job shadowed a nurse for a career research project. I am only 19 years old, and I really hope to get in on my first try. Do you think I have a good chance? I already submitted my transcripts, letter of recommendation, and IGETC certification. I am from Stockton CA btw.

this question might be better if posted in the USF site, under college in alphabetical order.

I got rejected when I applied last Spring with all prereqs/general education completed and a 4.0. I also am a military veteran. All good though, I ended up getting into a CSU BSN program. I do not think they want any outstanding classes.