<p>Ok so I got into both USF and FSU. In your opinion, which school is better for a pre med major (not honors or accelerated program)?</p>

<p>FSU. Has one of the best Med programs in the country. As far as Florida goes its #3.</p>

<p>Just curious, which one is #1? I got into UM but i cant afford to go, even with the financial aid that they offered me.</p>

<p>UF is number 1, UM is number 2. UF, UM, FSU-Top 3 Florida schools. And its not as if this is new either. Those three are Constantly the best every year.</p>

<p>In my opinion, if you can’t gain admission to the honors programs at either USF or FSU, you won’t gain admission to a medical college from either USF or FSU.</p>

<p>@lizard: what you are saying is for might only be for if you are trying for the accelerated program…you have to be in honors for that… but for regular medical program, i don’t think you need to be in honors program.</p>

<p>@rickys239 omg you and i have the same delimma… i too got accepted into both of those and even i want to do pre-med…i don’t know which to choose either…my parents don’t want me to go too far so they are saying FSU but i want to go to USF…but i have heard that FSU’s med program is better(and higher ranking) than USF’s.</p>

<p>ad238gh, there is no such thing as a pre-med major and you don’t study medicine in any medical program in undergraduate school–you do that after you’re enrolled in a medical college. You can major in pretty much anything preparing in undergraduate school for medical college; you could major in classical languages along with taking the right combination of math and science courses and be accepted to a medical college.
What I meant above about honors programs is that it is extremely competitive getting into a medical college from undergraduate school and if you haven’t at least been invited to enter an honors program or honors college at USF or FSU, you are going to be at a disadvantage right out of the starting block getting into a medical college down the road–all the students in the honors programs are going to be in line ahead of you to get into a medical college before the first class starts for you in college. Certainly one can get into medical college from “regular” undergraduate program, just make sure you get straight A’s in your classwork for starters.</p>

<p>@lizard I understand the part where you said that if I cant get admission into the honors program that I probably wont be able to get into those med schools but I think that I am more than capable of handling the workload. I have a good ACT score (30 comp)(34 in science) and and a good gpa(4.8) so I believe I can handle the material. I didnt have atleast a 29 in english(spanish is my 1st language) which is why I think I wasnt invited into the Honors program. Are you in the Honors program and can you tell me how your experience is going?</p>

<p>ricky, if you are guessing the reason you didn’t receive an invitation to the Honors College was because of your English score, I’m assuming you didn’t actually talk to the Honors College to find out exactly why you didn’t get invited. Having a command of both English and Spanish is a plus, and I’d check in with the Honors College and see if you can get in seeing how English is your second language. Make sure they know English is your second language, let them know what a smart guy you truly are. You have good grades and a good ACT score and probably belong in the Honors College even with the lower English score.</p>

<p>It’s certainly not necessary to be in an undergraduate honors program to eventually get in medical school, but it can’t hurt. I’m sure your academic advisors in college will discuss and work with you on how to improve your test taking skills for English, and how to strengthen general English writing and reading skills for MCAT while you are in college. Being bilingual is a genuine asset that medical colleges like to see I’m sure. Anyway, good luck, if you work hard and have the drive to succeed you can get in medical college from USF honors or non honors.</p>

<p>I was never in USF’s Honors College–not smart enough! I’m doing fine though in my studies at USF and have a very good GPA too thankfully.</p>

<p>Thanks man, I’ll definitely talk to them if I end up going there.</p>

<p>You should petition for admission to the Honors Colleges at the colleges you are considering now, don’t wait until you get to the university you end up at. Get the ball rolling now! Good luck!</p>

<p>@lizard oh ya there is no pre-med major but i think it is best to major in biology or something related to get into med school. that will be like a plus point. ah i too wish i was in honors college. english too isn’t my first language and i didnt get a good score in english at ACT (28 composite). :frowning:
i wish i could get in.</p>

<p>@Lizard I did a petition for FSU Honors college and ill be notified on the 28th but I dont think USF has a petition</p>

<p>Contact USF Honors College. Tel: 813 974-3087
email: <a href=“”></a></p>

<p>Tell them you are interested in gaining admission to Honors College, explain your situation, ask what you need to do. You have to take the initiative if you are serious about getting into USF Honors. As Confucius say: “He who waits for roast duck to fly into open mouth go hungry!” </p>

<p>[Honors</a> College Staff - USF Honors College](<a href=“]Honors”></p>

<p>Ok Thanks man, I left a voice message and hopefully theyll get back to me tomorrow</p>