<p>I am looking into both the University of San Francisco and Loyola Marymount University. I went to a jesuit high school and would like to continue my education at a jesuit university. I am having a very tough time deciding which school will be a better fit. I have family in San Francisco but I also would like a school that is not in the heart of a big city. I have visited USF and enjoyed the campus very much, I have not visited LMU. I plan in studying business administration at both places. Any suggestions would be of great help.</p>

<p>How about Santa Clara?</p>

<p>Santa Clara was also a school I was interested in. Is SCU the most difficult of the three to get in to? Which school do you think has the best location? What are the job opportunities when graduated from one of the three? I have heard that SCU has a great rep.</p>