usf opinions please!

<p>Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on here. I just have some questions and concerns about usf and i want some honest answers! Some background info first I guess. I am a highschool junior from Ohio and I have very good grades. I also expect to do very well on the standardized tests I'm about to take. I ultimately aspire to become a physical therapist some day, and for now want to pursue a major in biomedical sciences for my bachelor's degree. Someone mentioned usf to me a few weeks ago, and that led me to research a little bit. I have found a lot of stuff that interests me, like...
-biomedical sciences is very popular
-amazing honors college, which would include small classes and lots of good opportunities
-the honors LLC sounds awesome
-tons of great medical facilities in the area which could be great for experience
-they actually have a physical therapy school which would be beneficial
-florida sounds amazing. i want the sun and warm weather and beaches and palm trees and great parks
-i really like the campus. it seems very large and spread out, with lots of ponds and trees and nice walk ways and places to sit and study, etc.
-i love longboarding, which is apparantly popular
-it has always been a dream of mine to learn how to surf, and they have a surfing club
-From what I have seen, lots of fun things go on on campus
-diversity. i want to broaden my horizons and meet all different kinds of people
-people are laid back. i like that</p>

<p>So yeah i mean those are only a few of the things i like about it so far. I just wanted to know if all of those things are true. and I also have some questions...</p>

<li>Can anyone in the honors college tell me what it's like?</li>
<li>Honestly what is the safety situation like? I've heard a lot of bad things that it's in the "ghetto" and such. How bad is it? It walking around campus scary? Is it bad to be out when it's dark? I don't want to be somewhere where you are constantly worried about safety. what i've seen about that is probably my biggest concern right now.</li>
<li>Is usf truely shedding the commuter school label? or does everyone leave on the weekends and the campus is dead? I want to be able to have a lot of fun and not be bored, along with my school work</li>
<li>What do people do on campus? I've always wanted to make a good group of friends and just hang out a lot, listening to music, walking around, playing sports, playing video games, and stuff like that. </li>
<li>What do people do off campus? What is there to do around the whole area? and also, can you do those things without having to worry about safety issues leaving campus?</li>

<p>Basically I just want to have a good college experience both academically and socially. I wanna know if usf would be good for those and also not be a huge safety concern all the time. I know this is kind of a lot but I really, really appreciate it if anyone could help me out a little here. Thank you so much! Peace</p>

<li>Can anyone in the honors college tell me what it's like?</li>

<p>...just posted about that in another thread... haha, but seriously my sister is honors college alum, and she has nothing but good things to say about it :)</p>

<li>Honestly what is the safety situation like? </li>

<p>I live in Tampa. and yeah, you don't want to be out by yourself in the surrounding areas at night, but tell me, where is it truly "safe" for a young woman to be out alone at night? crazy things happen ANYWHERE and there is no such thing as a truly "safe" place. campus is very populated at night, so it always felt safe to me when I would visit... like, even after dark, there are plenty of students walking around, esp by the residence halls and the gym. they also have a safe team, which is a phone number you can call if it's dark out, and students who work for safe team will pick u up in a golf cart and take you anywehere on campus for free :) </p>

<li>Is usf truely shedding the commuter school label? </li>

<p>they're working on it. it's a lot better than it used to be, with students there on weekends... as far as being bored, there's TONS of stuff to do in the area. during the week, like I said, there are lots of students still on campus even late at night... weekends I think it's a bit less but they're definitely still there. </p>

<li>What do people do on campus? I've always wanted to make a good group of friends and just hang out a lot, listening to music, walking around, playing sports, playing video games, and stuff like that. </li>

<p>^^all of that. haha. there is a lot of student involvement, and also intramural sports... and the dorms often have students just hanging out and chilling. it's great to live on campus and make friends :)</p>

<li>What do people do off campus? </li>

<p>clubs in ybor, shopping in brandon and south tampa, busch gardens and adventure island are RIGHT by campus, and beaches are not too far-- the next county over has beautiful beaches. as far as safety, like I said just be aware of your surroundings and don't be out alone at 3 am... I've lived in tampa my whole life, and it's fine. honestly, don't be scared. lol</p>

<li><p>no clue. lol </p></li>
<li><p>My Friend was chased back to her dorm by 3 guys (and she was with her guy friend, too). So if you go out after the sun sets, have a little thing of mace and a pocket knife. They are both allowed. Other then that, they have these safety buttons called "red buttons"(i think), if you are in need of help just push it and the on campus police will show up. </p></li>
<li><p>Tampacutie got this one. lol </p></li>
<li><p>The gym is really nice, they are lots of clubs and activities. Sure you can find them on the USF website (cannot name them off the top of my head, sorry).</p></li>
<li><p>The clubs are awesome in ybor. Though idk which one, but one is nicknamed " the hunting grounds" Stay away from that one if your a girl. The theme parks are cool, too. Hallow scream in October is FUN! haha.</p></li>

<p>Thanks so much for your answers! There are definitely some really great things about it, like the fun things to do and the honors college and campus and hanging out and such. but the getting chased back to her dorm story kind of thing is what still concerns me. I don't wanna have to worry about things like that, but I mean is it any worse than most colleges in urban areas? Or is that typical? And if your smart about things is it really much of a problem? I'd love to go here I'm just not exactly sure if it's where I want to be haha</p>

<p>Walking around the USF campus at night is far safer than walking back to your car in a parking lot at any shopping mall in America at night. Getting chased back to your dorm at night by three guys is anomalous to the norm at USF. There are isolated incidents of crime that occur on any college campus; USF's campus is well patrolled 24/7 by both private security officers and USF's own police dept. to insure safety, bluelight emergency warning panic poles are all over the campus, and "safe team" will escort students at night too.</p>

<p>It was only one time. The place is pretty much safe. Like Lizard said, the bluelight panic poles are everywhere. Pretty much you can stand in one area and see at least three of them. And i would say that is it more safe than other colleges, just don't be stupid and you will not have a problem.
USF is still a good school and really safe. Still my top school out of 3. </p>

<p>The "safe team" is only available till 3AM. Just thought I'd point that out.</p>

<p>Okay sweet thanks guys. I definitely have a much better opinion about it. I wanna visit sometime soon so I can really see what everything's like down there!</p>

<p>Yeah you'll get a much better idea of what it's like in Tampa once you visit.<br>
I live about 30 min away and interned at their Theatre Department when I was in HS and also visited in the fall once bc my brother needed his transcripts.
Omg it was so hot and all the walking, haha.
I love the diversity though and everyone seems so involved and full of spirit for their school. </p>

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<p>See that's what I like! Diversity and lots of people involved and such sounds awesome. The heat would be a MAJOR change though haha it gets pretty cold up here sometimes. I think Florida winters sound soooo amazing though.</p>

<p>Oh and does anyone know what intramural sports they have? I definitely would wanna get involved with that</p>

<p>There are lots of intramural sports played on campus year round, and also there are organized sports clubs many of which compete with other colleges' clubs--perfect for former high school athletes not doing varsity sports at USF. The USF rec center was just renovated; it has something for everyone with first class equipment in a first class facility. USF</a> Campus Recreation</p>

<p>Sweet!! That sounds pretty awesome. the only thing i would miss is playing ice hockey outside on ponds in the winter haha. Cant do that in florida. But i think the fact that its always good to play anything else outside year round outweighs that. Haha but anyways I think I'm gonna try to plan a visit now. Thanks everyone for all the help!</p>

<p>USF has a hockey club team, but they play indoors because Florida's lakes are full of alligators. USF</a> - News</p>