USFCA Class of 2026 EA/ED decisions

Let us post the upcoming EA or ED at University of San Francisco. Class of 2026
Please post

EC’s (top 3-5)

Merit scholarships if awarded

All the best!

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My GPA UW/W: 3.63/4.1

SAT: 1350

EC’s (top 3-5)
Worked at Starbucks
Soup kitchen
School debate team leader
Girl scouts silver badge

My S22 applied EA!

GPA: 3.78 UW/not sure how to calculate weighted
No test scores

Volunteered with animal rescue center 4 yrs
XC running team 3 yrs (because didn’t run during covid last year)
Track 3 yrs (same reason)
Worked for documentary film company 3 yrs

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Copied from other thread ( from

If admitted, class of 2026:)
UW: 3.65
W: 3.81
SAT: 1390

Waiting on my decision, but they start to come out on Dec 15th!
Good luck to all applicants!

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Your son looks like a very strong applicant. Good luck

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Anyone hear about the EA decision date? Looks like it will be around mid to late December.

I think the decisions will come out mid-late December!

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Updated stats:
GPA UW/W: 3.65/3.81
SAT: 1390 ( didn’t put in app )
EC’s (top 3-5):
Secretary for my school’s German Club (1 yr)
Secretary for school’s Spanish Club (1 yr → last yr)
Volunteered 300+ hrs for Salvation Army Summer Camp

Good luck to all applicants! Looking forward to hearing back soon:)

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My D
3.9/4.2 W GPA
8 AP
EC 6 YR travel Volleyball/ 2 yr track
2 yrs sales Coffee/Cafe
French Honors Society …
Not sure what else she listed-
Advertising/Business major
Good luck everyone… just got off the zoom tonight and she seemed excited about USF


Misa1 - Fantastic stats. Almost certain admission with nice merit award

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Just a quick question, the zoom you’re referring to – was it offered by USF? And was it mandatory for all prospective applicants? Thanks ahead of time:)

My D received an email about a call that would have current USF students on it.
It wasn’t mandatory, just an opportunity to ask questions. Honestly I wish all the schools she applied to offered this.
I will say, our counselor said to open all emails from colleges you are interested in. That they have computer software that tracks if you’ve opened. They are trying to track your interest level.

Basically there are these things called tracking pixels which are tiny gifs that can be used to track you.

Just like how colleges could use redirected links to track demonstrated interest, colleges could also put tracking pixels in emails. This means that if you just open the email to load things, the college will know you are “interested” (if they put tracking pixels). This also probably means that marking an email as read without opening it will appear the same as if you never saw it. I would bet that many colleges do use these to track demonstrated interest.

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On the USF website, you have a list of future events for prospective students. There are student panel events, USF admissions led webinars and international student info sessions to mention a few. You can register for whichever ones you are interested in. These are good ways to demonstrate interest but not mandatory.


They just announced that they’ll be coming out tomorrow, Dec 10th if you haven’t already heard!


Really. Where did they announce?

Thank you arcticbutterfly

I see it onTwitter
Excited to welcome the Early Action admitted class of 2026 for


! EA decisions coming tomorrow:


Hmm… not seeing that post anywhere

go for USFCA_admission on instagram