USFCA nursing program?

I applied for Spring 2019, but I received an email saying, “While we were unable to make you an offer in the first round, I want to assure you that your application is still being given serious consideration.” They said that if space opens up they will let me know in January?

What does “hold” mean? Do they send it to all the applicants who didn’t get in? I’m just worried. :confused:

Thank you!

I would suggest that you contact your admission counselor on Monday to find out exactly what that means. You weren’t sent an outright denial of acceptance. It appears that something in your file, (GPA, test scores, EC’s), perhaps was on the lower end of the applications that were received for the number of seats they anticipate for Spring Admission. The letter states that they will hold your application for serious consideration if a space opens up. So, it appears that they made offers of admission to “X” number of applicants. If any of those applicants do not attend, you may be offered a spot. Best of luck.

I was told that they would do multiple rounds of acceptance letters. The first round may have some students who can’t afford it or they choose to go to school elsewhere. The next round(s) is backfill from there. The counselors did tell me nursing is their hardest reviewed application process and by far the most competitive. They only accept 15-30 percent of nursing applicants and frequently have to reject students who are more than qualified.

I can say from personal experience that they do send students rejection letters. You’re close and must be qualified, so don’t give up!

Thank you to both of you! You guys both made me feel better! I’ll keep my head up and hope for the best! Hopefully, I’m part of second rounds. If not, I’ll try again during the fall. I am trying not to message the couselor because I am not sure if it annoys them! Lol. But I want to do bad.