Using a Florida Prepaid tuition plan for housing?


I am Florida resident and have a 4-year Florida Prepaid tuition plan (not including fees). However, I am planning on attending a private out-of-state school. This school has offered me a full tuition scholarship. I am wondering if we will be able to use the prepaid plan to cover expenses such as housing and meal plans, and what amount it will cover. I could not find any specific information on their website about this, so I was hoping someone here could help.

Hello, both of my sons used Florida Prepaid for housing/meals expenses in out of state schools. Both sons had full-tuition scholarships. Both schools billed Florida pre-paid depending on the amount of credit hours taken that semester and were credited to the general running balance, sometimes they got a refund, othertimes the money was used for books or meals or housing. Most of the time, the Florida pre-paid money was not available way in advance to pay housing. Like my kid starts school in August, but Florida prepaid paid after that date, so the school would not give us a late fee, they just knew the money was coming from Florida Prepaid and the amount is not usually known until later too, but would only be off by a couple hundred dollars or less.

One son graduated and got money back from Florida Pre-paid (taxable income :unamused:) and the other is a junior this year and still using Florida Pre-paid each semester).

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