Using Direct Hits Effectively

<p>Are the bolded words the ones I need to know? Sometimes they will have all caps on other words within the definitions, like EMULATE, but not bolded. Also, what is the best SAT Math workbook? Dr. Chung's? I'm guessing nothing for writing?</p>

<p>Should I just copy the words onto flashcards?</p>

<p>Honestly, I would just take all the words from the back of the book that you don’t know and make flashcards for them(I recommend using [Flash</a> cards, vocabulary memorization, and study games | Quizlet](<a href=“”></p>

<p>It kind of depends upon your personal memory strengths/weaknesses, I think. My S is not so good with flashcards and getting him to put concerted effort into reading them is like pulling teeth. However, I know that if he reads both volumes through 3-4 times, he’ll remember the vast majority of the words. He is one of those rare people who do better on recall tasks than recognition tasks, so reading and having context sentences in mind, will help him recall the words, whereas flashcards are better for kids who are good at recognizing the words off the bat then finding the corresponding definition in their brain. So, you have to decide what method would work best for you.</p>

<p>I think they will help. How good is Dr. Chung’s math book? It is like $28.</p>

<p>Dr. Chung’s is good, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you consistently score at least a 600. Be careful though; the answer explanations aren’t too great :(</p>

<p>I’ve never taken the SAT, psat 66. I guess on a bad day 600-700 on good day?</p>

<p>Beware, Quizlet yells at you if you post the words on the site (copyright infringement blah blah), so just make the set private. It really does help!</p>

<p>I’m just gonna write them by hand</p>