Using Internet fax

<p>My counselor told me today that he could not send a fax overseas (my school is cheap)
So can he send an Internet fax??</p>

<p>I...don't know what this question is asking. If it is a fax then it should work. But I don't know why a fax overseas costs you more money than what an "internet fax" would.</p>

<p>I believe the OP is referring to an online fax system where you can just upload the file and it gets faxed in a location at US. Since you don't fax from one country to another, and instead upload and fax it in US, you pay domestic cost, which is negligible compared to overseas costs.</p>

<p>Yes, I'm referring to the online service that allows you to send fax from email.
@Chris: it costs more money to send a fax overseas, that's why my school is lacking the service.
If they could not send Internet fax, can they they fax it from the post office?? Or should I make them mail it??</p>

<p>An internet fax is fine -- as long as it ends up as a fax on MIT's end, there's no difference between faxing it from your school and faxing it from a domestic location.</p>

<p>Mail would also be fine.</p>

<p>Thanks, Mollie :)
I called my counselor a while ago & he said that he had sent it from a local telecom center..
I was so scared he would miss the deadline</p>