Using Old Personal Statement

<p>I am applying to UC's this year, for fall 2012. I applied for Fall 2011 but didn't get in, but I wrote a Personal Statement for that year's application period. Would it hinder my chances in any way to use the same one that I used last time if I felt that it was a good essay?</p>


<p>If you didn't get in, maybe it wasn't that great. But if you really like it, make sure you at least revise it and make it a little more fresh.</p>

<p>bump important</p>

<p>I agree with xenophilia. You should have some objective people (like your teachers) read over your essay and give you feedback. Perhaps the reason why you got rejected last year was because your essay wasn't that great.</p>

<p>Well actually I think my Personal Statements are pretty good, maybe 7/10 in my opinion I just don't wan't to overjudge it. Last year I also didn't do that much research on the topic of transferring as I did this year so maybe I wasn't even eligible or competitive enough in my Academics to be considered. I'll try to get some transfer counsellors to read it, or my past english teachers to read it if i can. But also, It'd be greatly appreciate it for some CC members to go over it. or you too if you have the time. :)</p>