Using Parchment to send my transcript to Common App?

If I used Parchment to send my transcript to Common App, I don’t need to send my transcript individually to Common App schools right? Also is there anywhere on Common App where I can see whether I have a transcript associated with my account or not?

It is not possible for YOU to send your transcript to the Common Application (there’s likely no physical mailing address to send documents to, as each school receives documents electronically from the application service.) If your school allows this, your counselor will be able to upload a copy of your transcript with their recommendation, and this will be sent to all of the schools you apply to using the Common Application.

If using Parchment, you would have to send a transcript individually to each school and pay for it every time. This is why the Common Application allows counselors to upload transcripts as a part of the application, so make sure to ask your counselor!

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!